WB's Motoring Dog

When I edited MotorSport our labrador was an occasional contributor. It began when we took her to a minor club race meeting when there was nothing in the programme saying ‘no dogs’. Someone saw her there and complained.

She replied to his letter, saying that, as with humans, dogs need to relieve themselves, and her master let her out of his car on a lead for a couple of minutes, after which she was shut back in the car (with a window slightly open for air, of course).

Later, when I was at a race meeting from which dogs were definitely banned. I noticed a poodle in the Paddock and several other canines in the public enclosure, on leads, but dogs have been known to slip such restrictions. I happened to tell our motoring dog (whom I had photographed in the driving seat of a road-test Daf to show that it was so simple that anyone could drive it) about this, and she wrote to ask whether the dog-attendance rule had been rescinded?