Automobile Year 2007/2008

Christian Philippsen

Since its inaugural edition in 1953, Automobile Year has offered a useful oversight on everything with four wheels. Although it is regarded by some as being too general, it covers a remarkable amount of information in its 293 pages. Sam Livingston provides a valuable insight into the reasoning and success of the latest design and concept cars, while the F1, A1GP, Champ Car, LMS, ALMS, FIA GT, WTCC, DTM, NASCAR and WRC seasons are all covered in detail. At £44 Automobile Year is only £10 cheaper than the Motorsport Yearbooks combined (left). However, it does also include words on the Caparo T1 by Gordon Murray, 2007 auction highlights and an intriguing ‘look back’ to events 50 and 100 years ago. Even if the book gathers dust for the next 20 years it will still be a useful reference tool. EF

Published by Christian Philippsen, ISBN 2 916206 06 X, £44