Gordon Kirby
From this month Gordon takes on the position of our US Editor. In every issue he will be discussing the hot talking points of motor racing in North America, contrasting the differences to European racing, and analysing the series rivalries which in recent years have been a prominent part of the US scene. This month he looks forward to the NASCAR Daytona 500 which opens the US season, and assesses the hopefuls. p34

Nigel Roebuck
In this issue, Nigel, now firmly in situ as our Editor-in-Chief, begins a new column in which he analyses the events of the past month in Formula 1. With 37 years of immersion in the Grand Prix world behind him, Nigel is in a position to sort bluster from fact. But don’t expect Nigel to stick to the F1 course at all times. He’ll veer away from the modern GP scene, reflecting his catholic tastes of the sport, from both the past and the present.

Pascal Dro
As editor of the French magazine Auto Hebdo, our correspondent is close to most of the great names in French motor racing. He has known Alain Prost for many years, so he was the ideal man to have a relaxed and candid conversation with The Professor about Ayrton Senna, and how their relationship changed from cool rivalry as team-mates to exchanging confidences on the phone during Senna’s tense last season. p54