Old-school thrills

Introducing the racing game packed with wistful nostalgia

It’s easy to forget in this modern world of gaming that they are indeed that: games. The fun, it could be argued, is being lost in the quest for realism and the need to be taken seriously.

Step forward Racing Apex, a game in the truest sense. Fittingly for this 1980s issue, it’s inspired by racing games such as Winning Run.

It’s a throwback to the earliest 3D arcade racers: no smooth graphics, no advanced handling models, no inch-perfect race tracks.

You just choose a car – these aren’t ’80s, with a jaunty 911 GT1, Gulf 917, Martini 935, a Speed 8, Panoz, Vantage and plenty more – and go racing.

There appears to be genuine racing enthusiasm beneath all of this – a Panoz doesn’t come easily to too many, after all. More importantly it’s an antidote to the growing complexity of existing racing games. Created by former EA Sports staff, it had pedigree too.

Racing Apex is to be released on Mac, PC and Linux later this year.