J. H. Bartlett has been well known in the sporting world as a specialist in used sports cars for the past three years, and his newly opened premises at 27a, Pembridge Villas, Notting Hill Gate, are well worth a visit from the enthusiast.

He will find here a display of some fifty sports cars of every marque, from A.C. toVernon Derby ; it is a veritable paradise for the man wanting a fast motor. All sorts of sports cars pass through Bartlett’s hands, and while some are standard products, others have histories famous in the sporting world. Whatever class of motor is required Bartlett can supply it. Mr. Bartlett is fortunate in having the assistance of

Lieut.-Commander John Havers, who is well known in. sporting circles, and both gentlemen make it their business to attend personally to every customer’s requirements.

Part payments and deferred terms are dealt with, and. in every transaction there is that personal note which is so desirable, but usually so lacking.

A visit to 27a, I’embridge Villas (‘Phone : Park 0523) will prove of interest to any motorist.

There is another side of the business, and any reader who wishes to dispose of his sports car should ring up Museum 7915, for any make of sporting car is purchased at that address by this progressive firm.