Club News, May 1930





Despite a very showery day, there was quite a good turn-out of members for the Light Car Club’s opening rally at the Salisbury Hotel, Barnet. The rally was preceded by a map-reading competition in which members had to follow a set course marked on a map, identify a number of roadside ” clues ” and give the mileage of the route ; the winner proved to be J. F. de Lattre, who tied with another competitor in discovering all the clues, but had a much smaller mileage error.

The prospectus of the first half-day trial will shortly be issued. The course will be in the Chesham district of the Chilterns, and the trial is to be held on Saturday, May 17th.

The hon. secretary of the club is Mr. John Yule, ” Kirlmey,” High Road, Whetstone, London, N.20.


The Liverpool Motor Club has changed the address of the .club office to c.o. Wallis, Duringer and Co., 9, Harrington Street, Liverpool. The hon. secretary is Mr. C. H. Duringer, of the same .address.

The proposed road race round the Great Orme has now been. -definitely abandoned, as the A.-C.U. considered the course too dangerous. The club, however, hopes that another scheme which has been proposed may reach fruition towards the end of this season or early in the next.

The committee has booked a number of two-berth cabins on the Belfast Steamship Co.’s vessels, and these will be at the disposal.of members wishing to visit ‘Ulster for the T.T. in August. The return fare will be 30s., the boat leaving Liverpool on August 22nd.


The first annual general meeting of the Nomad Motor Club was held recently at the Pembury Hotel, Clapton, when the balance-sheet and report were read and approved and the officers -for the forthcoming season elected.

An attractive programme has been drawn up and the club will welcome new members. Lady drivers of three-wheelers and light -cars will receive a special welcome.

The hon. secretary is Mr. H. J. Hall, 123, Parnell Road, London, E.3.


The results of the Committee Cup Trial recently held by the Harrow and District Motor Club have now been issued. There was a dead-heat for the premier award between two competitors with a total time error of 110 seconds each, and the visitors’ cup was won by a member of the Uxbridge M.C., which club also carried off the team prize. Owing to the excellence of the weather, which made the -course very easy, the results had to be worked out on a total time-error basis, and accordingly several competitors who made

• clean climbs on all hills do not figure in the awards lists.


The first trial of the season—the Tulley and Clayton Trophy

• Trial—which was held recently, was well supported and was thoroughly enjoyed by the 24 competitors, including motorcycles and cars. The course was interesting without being too difficult, and the light cars performed well ; two M.G. Midgets made excellent climbs on “Slippery Sam “—one of the worst hills. The finish was at Bolney.

The club has accepted the invitation extended by the Kent . and Sussex L.C.C. to participate with them in the Lewes speed trials during the season.


The opening trial was held last month. The course included Dob Park and West End water splashes, Pateley Bridge’ and.

Brownstay Ridge, returning by Summerbridge and Brimhal Rocks, and finishing at Knox water splash. Owing to the rather heavy rain. over the week-end many of the splashes and observed sections were made rather difficult.

E. A. Morris, (Brough-Supet ior s.c.) in the passenger class won the premier award—the members’ trophy and replica, for the best performance of the day, the club silver cup being awarded to F. Swiers (Sunbeam) for the best performance in the solo class ; club silver medals for second places in each class were given to A. Hill (Armstrong Siddeley) and A. Wardrnan (Calthorpe), and bronze medals to C. Horton (B.S.A. s.c.) and A. Prattley for third places in each class.


The Gorran Challenge Cup Trial will be held under A.-C.U. closed permit on May 4th, starting at 2.30 p.m. from “The Masons’ Arms,” Walmersley, near Bury. The course is a sporting one of about 22 miles in length, which will be covered twice.

Further particulars are obtainable from Mi. W. Howarth, the trials secretary, “Glenwood,” Whitefield, Manchester.


At the annual general meeting held recently the following officers were elected :—President, Dr. A. Westlake ; Vicepresident, Mr. P. J. Figg ; chairman, Mr. J. E. Warne; secretary, Mr. V. M. Liell ; treasurer, Mr. F. Woollett ; trials secretary, Mr. E. R. Paskins ; social secretary, Mr. W. Lupton ; captain, Mr. A. Castle ; assistant secretary, Mr. S. Woollett.


Results 43f the Ackroyd Main Road Trial, held last month, are : Ackroyd Trophy and Replica.—E. V. Jones (Jowett), lost two marks. Club Cigarette Case.—C. L. Sykes (596 Scott), lost four marks. Club Ash Tray.—H. Sagar (Rover Sports), lost seven. marks. Bronze Medal.—J. Wilkinson (493 B.S.A. s.c.), lost 12 marks.


At a recent meeting it was decided that the dinner which in past years has followed the ulster Grand Prix shall this year be discontinued, a simple prize distribution taking its place. At the same meeting it was decided to take the necessary steps to have the club incorporated under the Companies Act.


Jones Trophy trial result :

Jones Trophy and Gold Medal.—C. Neale (490 Norton).

Special Silver Medal.—H. Bail (493 Sunbeam).

Silver Medal.—F. Fruen. (344 O.K. Supreme). Bronze Medals.—J. Dwight (344 Zenith), A. Young (499

Rudge), and G. Wilks (248 Ariel).


At the annual general meeting the following officers were elected :—President, Mr. W. Burch; captain, Mr. W. A. Simmons ; treasurer, Mr. G. D. Burch ; secretary, Mr. S. Hands, 36, Dashwood Avenue, High Wycombe.


Belfast sportsmen were entertained to their first speed event of the season last month, when the Queen’s Island Club ran off a series of sprint races on the concrete surface at Sydenham Road, placed at the disposal of the club by the Harbour Commissioners. The programme embraced half-mile sprints for machines of 350 c.c., over 350 c.c., and unlimited capacity, as well as a tenmile handicap. The weather was fine, and some high speeds were reached, the best performance of the afternoon being made by J. Hope (Velocette), who covered the half-mile from a standing start in 28s. (64.28 m.p.h.), and the mile lap in 66s. (54.54 m.p.h.).