MOTOR cycling enthusiasm ran high in the Midlands prior to the races in the Syston Park on Easter Monday. The Grand Prix races were run in the beautiful park of Sir John Thorold, over a course of 11 miles as tricky as the T.T. Course in the I.O.M. Prom the start to the first corner there is a

straight of approximately mile over which, speeds of 80 m.p.h. were attained. There follows a sharp uphill bend to the right and the course then passes through spinneys in a very winding, difficult fashion. Next comes a hairpin bend to the right back to the start. The clistance is 11 miles and the surface is rather loose gravel, about 4 yards wide.

The total length of each race was 501 miles, making 29 laps. The races were run in a clockwise direction, with massed starts of sometimes 20 odd competitors, so the thrill supplied on so narrow a course can be imagined.


The first race was for machines of 350 c.c. Owing to a large entry (52), 2 heats were run and the best time taken by a rider in either heat won him the Park Cup. Several wellknown men were in this race, including G. E. Rowley, C. J. Williams and the DeLler Brothers.


1. E. R. Thomas (Velocette), 49 m.p.h.

2. T. A. Cann (Velocette), 48 m.p.h.

3. H. Adcock (Raleigh), 47.8 m.p.h.

R. Deller on a 172 c.c. Baker rode a remarkably clever race for 22 laps ; his motor then became very tired, but this was not surprising for at one time he was within 10 sec. of the leader's time. All spectators regretted his bad luck.


The next race was for machines of the 500 c.c. class with an entry of 47 riders. H. J. Bacon on a 493 "Beam "lead the field for a number of laps. His riding was the essence of good judgment, but unluckily, he had to retire owing to a damaged gear selector mechanism. The first and second men, G. F. Jones and

L. A. Hutchings, had a really marvellous scrap on the straights,separated only by inches. Miler's 1926 T.T. Norton showed an extraordinary turn of speed, controlled by a very clever rider. He was very unlucky not to be in the first 3, but he finished the course nevertheless by pushing a few hundred yards and thus gained a replica, being within ten minutes of the winning time.


1. G. F. Jones (Norton), 47.5 m.p.h.

2. L. A. Hutchings (Rudge Whitworth), 47 m.p.h.

3. T. E. Flintoff (Sunbeam), 46.5 m.p.h.


The third race was for side-car machines. This race was without incident, there being only 4 entries. RESULTS.

1. W. Spence (A. J.S.) 39 m.p.h.

2. J. G. Richards (Scott).


The 4th race was for machines of unlimited c.c. The entry of 44 was again run in 2 heats and was without incident.


1. A. Tyler (348 Raleigh), 47 m.p.h.

2. W. N. Jordan (490 Norton).

3. F. H. Chambers (346 New Hudson).

The riding skill displayed throughout the entire meeting was extremely good, and the races were remarkably free for accidents, considering the weather, which was very wet. The Grantham Motor Club must be congratulated for the splendid organisation of a real sporting event.

F. F.