the italian thousand mile race



At Treviso (855 miles), Trossi gained second place, in which order they reached the finish at Brescia, the winners’ average speed of 67.7 m.p.h. beating all previous records by a handsome margin. Brian Lewis on the Talbot had a narrow escape when travelling at over 90 m.p.h. with only one headlight working. He failed to see a bend in time and left the road, finishing in a wide ditch. By some miracle neither car nor driver were noticeably daniaged, and with enthusiastic local assistance the car was eventually got back onto the road, and he managed to finish 25th in the general classification, a very fine effort under the circumstances. The results were as follows :

GENERAL CLASSIFICATION. 1. Borzacchixd-Bignami (Alfa-Romeo, 2,300 c.c.), 14h. 55m. 19 2/5s. Average

speed, 109.884 km.p.h.

2. Trossi-Brivio (Alfa-Romeo 2,300 c.c.) 15h. 10m. 59s.

3. Scarfiotti d’Ippolito (Alfa Romeo 2,300 c.c.), 15h. 44m. 41 3/5s.

4. Minoia-Balestrcri (Alfa-Romeo 1,750 c.c.), 16h. 54m. 37 2/5s.

5. Carraroli-M. Ghersi (Alfa-Romeo), 17h. 4m. 3 4/5s.

6. Guilai-Venturi (Alfa-Romeo), 17h . 9m. 14 2/5s.

7. Santinelli-Berti (Alfa-Romeo), 17h. 10m. 55 1/5s.

8. Strazza-Gismondi (Lancia-Lambda), 17h. 14m. 22 3/5s.

9. Lurani-Caverni (Alfa-Romeo), 17h. 22m. 54s.

10. Gazzabini-Diaz (Alfa-Romeo), 17h. 26m. 21s.


Gilera-Sartoni (Fiat), 19h. 53m. 25 2/5s.

SALOON CLASS. Minoia-Balestreri (Alfa-Romeo), 16h

54m. 37 2/5s.

1,100 C.C. CLASS. Tuffanelli-Bertocchi (Maserati)

1,500 c.c. CLASS. Guilai-Venturi (Alfa-Romeo), 17h. 9

14 2/5s.


Scarfiotti-d’Ippolito (Alf a-Romeo), 15h, 44m. 41 3/5s.


Borzacchini-Bignami (AlfaRomeo) , 14h. 55m. 19 2/5s.


Strazza Gismondi (Lancia Lambda), 17h. 14m. 22 2/5s.