Qri Alfa Romeo 1 tf -litre supercharged sports -1-1.)t-n, 2-seater, black and chromium, small mileage. £500. Alfa Romeo British Sales Ltd., 3, Baker Street, W.1. Welbeck 2582. 1928 2A2 9

Super speclaristtctior. gni e Zeiss head lamps, fast car, in good condition, taxed end of year ; 4165.—Kingsland Garage, 449, Kings land Road.

AMILCAR. BAISSE Model painted Bugatti blue with

cream wheels. Very good condition throughout. Ashby flexible steering wheel. 75 m.p.h. Very powerful four wheel brakes. f,85. Box 13. 1046, c/o MOTOR SPORT, 39, Victoria Street, S.W.1. ‘ , Models. Grand Sports and ‘Sur 1 906-2 / baisse. Park ;Garage, Skelton’s Lane, Leyton. Leytonstone 1437. ,

AUSTRO-DAIMLER. J. 19-100 h.p. 100 m.p.h., short chassis,


actual T.T. car. Vanden Pins sports 4seater body. Mechanically and externally as new. ‘350. Bartlett, 27, Pembridge Villas, Notting Hill Gate.

BENTLEY. 0464 1 BENTLEY supercharged 4i litre. Open

J. 4-seater body, Vanden Pins, painted Le Mans green, Lucas P 80 headlamps, Zeiss spotlight. thiscratched. Only driven 9,000 miles. Cost 41,450. Will accept 4850. Apply, 11.65, c/o MOTOR SPORT (1929) Ltd., 39, Victoria Street, London, SAVA.

BUGATTI. -I litre Type 40 Bugatti. Special body with cut

]. away side. Engine just rebuilt and tuned, per-feet condition throughout. Full equipment including Rev. Counter, Speedometer, Clock, Dash Lamp, Rene-Thomas flexible steering wheel. Black body with red wheels and undercarriage. A really fast and delightful sports car. Taxed, £135. F. 3. Field, 125, Victoria Road, Kilburn, N.W.6.

-192 8-90 Bugatti Straight Eight, 3 litre.

••4 CI Low sports Weymann saloon. Much above average condition. Extremely fast. £125. Denmans, 132-3, Long Acre, W.C. Temple Bar 8135-6-7. Open Week Ends. Q -LITRE straight-eight Bugatti ; special chassis,

in faultless condition, fitted 3-4 seater sports body with tail and louvred valances, finished in blue Cellulose, yellow wheels (2 spares). Whole car fitted up regardless of cost, exceptionally fast and absolutely reliable, very carefully used and maintained. ‘Faxed for year. Original owner. £275. G. M. Giles, 9a, Cumberland Terrace, Regent’s Park, i.aidon, N .W” .1 .


ITIRAZER NASH cars, Falcon Works, London Rd. L Isleworth (Hounslow 3172) always have for disposal reconditioned and guaranteed cars, fitted with new tyres and F.W.B. Prices from 2125.


HISPA.NO-SUIZA 15.9 h.p. ” Alfonso ” type (80 mm. x 180 mm.), 3-4-seater sports body, Rudge-Whitworth wire wheels, Bosch Z.R .4 magneto, SAL carburettor, brand new hood and sidescreens, latest type Ashby ” Brooklauds ” fully sprung steering wheel, finished in white and black. This car is a really distinctive veteran of smart and up-to-date appearance, solid and reliable with a good all-round performance. Petrol consumption averages 24 miles per gal. Taxed till end of June. For further particulars see MOTOR SPORT, July, 1931 Issue, page 429. Price £32. Write c/o Maros SPORT, Box N.K.1030.


E245.-1931 Lea-Francis 12-90 h.p. saloon, supercharged Hyper sports, black and red, wire wheels, 4 doors, chromium, sloping windscreen, luggage trunk, sloping radiator, only had occasional usage, uuscratched, every accessory.— Box No. Y619, c/0 MOTOR SPORT.


Pounds.—Lea-Francis 1927-28 10 h.p. special tf • .1 sports 2-seater, concealed dickey, excellent tyres, morocco leather interior and bodywork excellent throughout, V screen, good hood and equipment, perfect mechanically, fast, unusually attractive.— Box No. B6I0 C/o MOTOR SPORT.


Mwith ARK II 4-door saloon, four speed gear box wi silent third, painted green with black wheels. Many extras. 75-80 m.p.h. Box BJ. 4928, c/o MOTOR SPORT, 39, Victoria Street, 8.W.1.


MERCEDES. Special 4-seater sports. 11.5, -0-1Super charged. Two spare wheels, cut out. Very fast ; colour red ; beautiful condition. Send for photograph. 478. The Borough Garage, Otley. ‘Phone 156.


£817 11_0._0.m. 1927 sports, English body 4-seater, 2 carburetters, taxed, repainted, super condition.—Box No. 4600, c/o MOTOR SPORT.

VERY Late 1925 O.M. 4-seater Sports, cut away body by Cadogan Motors, 2 carburetters, wire wheels, flared wings, black and red, 70 rn.p.b• ; 477/10.—Box No. A621, do MOTOR SPORT.


MARK IV Riley Nine special 2-carburettor sports 014-seater, moderate mileage, 5 new India tyres, tax paid to 1933, rev, counter, tonneau cover, chromium plating, really exceptional car ; 4120.—Box No. R620, C/o MOTOR SPORT.


ROVER Ten Sportsman’s 4-seater coupe. Engine just overhauled. Excellent condition throughout. Bargain, 475.—Apply Box N.C.Z.140, MOTOR SPORT.

TALBOT. C)94 10-23 h.p. 4-seater tourer. New tyres,

recently overhauled, re-bored and fitted with new pistons. Perfect mechanical condition. 420. Apply Box 4434, MOTOR SPORT.


1929 Special Vernon-Derby 6-cyl. Super Sports 2-seater, underslung, fitted with special high compression head, 4-speed close ratio gear box, twin Solex carburetters, lavishly equipped, including rev, counter, new hood, etc., fitted with magneto and coil ignition, new tyres, this car has just had a genuine overhaul, any trial, taxed ; 495, or exchange for M.G. Midget.—” Ileatham House,” Twickenham. Popesgrove 1163.

( 1″..) L.; Vernon Derby 9 h.p. two seater. Cellu’ losed Ivory and Red. Completely overhauled. Capable of 70 m.p.h. Guaranteed. Park ; arage, Skelton’s Lane, Leyt on. Leytonstone 1437.

WOLSELEY HORNET. HORNET two seater special black-green semi

sports. Hood, Sidesereens, Commodious Boot, Pneumatic Upholstery Leather, Fine Condition. Nearest offer to £100. View, Ripley Motor Works, Ripley, Surrey.

A13BEY A.S.I. sports 4-seater. Excellent condition throughout, capable of 70 m.p.h., a really smart car, looks as good as new. 4145. Box J. 4930, CIO MOTOR Srotcr, 39, Victoria Street, S.W.’


1 9(1 13/55 Le Mans Schneider sports four seater. 90 kJ 4;195. Denmans, 132-3, Long Acre, W.C. Temple Bar 8132-6-7, Open Week Ends.

CHASSIS. NTERF,STING chassis worth reconstruction from £20 to 250, including Lancia-I,ambda, 3-litre

Bentley, Vauxhall, Austro Daimler, etc. Kirton, Honiton, Devon.


RISTOI, CHER U-11 2 -cylinder aero engine • J–) Only 40 hours running. Very light, high efficiency, high revving unit, ideal for G.N. or similar chassis for hill climb work. £18. Box No. 11100, do MOTOR SPORT.