Regulations are now to hand for the second annual rally organised by the Royal Scottish Automobile Club, which will be held this year on June 5th to 9th. There will be three starting points, Harrogate, Edinburgh and Glasgow, and the route in each case will be approximately 1,200 miles, divided into three stages of 550 miles, 350 miles, and 120 miles. In order that the Rally may be an enjoyable tour for competitors, giving them a chance to enjoy the scenery, periods of

rest will be allowed each night between the various stages, the necessary average speeds of 25 m.p.h. in the Large Class (over 1,500 c.c.) and 22 m.p.h. in the ” Small ” Class only applying to the time taken between each stage. On arrival at the Final Control at Glasgow a close examination of the cars will be made for defects in the general condition of the machines, and this will be followed by an acceleration and braking test as follows :—With engines stopped

and gear levers in neutral the cars will have to start up, accelerate to a line some distance ahead (the distance will vary according to classes), stop astride a line with all four wheels clear, and then accelerate to another line and stop there. Finally, there will be the usual kerb driving-skill test, and a coachwork competition.

Application forms may be obtained from the Secretary, R.S.A.C., 163, West George Street, Glasgow.