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Starting from Lobscombe Corner at 1 a.m. on the morning of April 6th, the 70 odd entrants in the annual 12 Hour Trial set out on a winding route to Blandford.

The first hill lay beyond Chard, but first of all a stop was made at the Windwhistle Hotel. Between Chard and East Horner, the first hill, a deepish water splash was suddenly encountered. East Horner itself was quite simple, as were Bray Farm Hill and Woodhayne Farm Hill.

Then came Waterloo--for a third of the entry. A greasy surface and a steep gradient kept drivers busy, to say nothing of a nice little 4-foot drop at the side of the road at the top. Some of the best performances were those of the Evans trio (M.G. Magnettes) and R. L. Appleton's nice-looking Frazer Nash. The most spectacular effort was that of M. H. Lawson, who slipped down the 4-foot drop with his Singer.

An acceleration test was held on Eggardon Hill, in which fastest time was made by R. L. Appleton (Frazer Nash), 7 secs., followed by M. H. Lawson (Singer), 7.2 secs., and D. G. Evans (M.G. Magnette) and J. E. N. Whitelock (Wolseley Hornet), both of whom clocked 7.4 secs.

The brake test gave little difficulty, and the field moved on to the last hurdle, Shillingstone. Here impressive climbs were made by the Evans trio on their three Magnettes, roaring up in splendid style. Appleton, too, was good with the Frazer Nash, after a false start.


The Derbyshire district proved too much for all the 78 entries in the Annual Sporting Trial, and no one succeeded in getting through without loss of marks.

Starting from Buxton at 11 a.m. the competitors quickly encountered a stiff obstacle in Cow Low, where the entire field save one failed. The doughty one was M. A. McEvoy, on a normal-looking Singer 11 saloon, which concealed a neatly fitted Zoller supercharger beneath its guileless exterior.

Rocky old Blacket Mill came next, and here again McEvoy did his stuff In a most convincing fashion. A. G. Imhoff was also outstanding on a Singer Le Mans. Then came Litton Slack, whose days as a trials hill are unfortunately numbered. Beyond the usual amount of failures, the chief incident of note was the misfortune which befell G. B. Goodman (M.G.), who clouted his sump on a rock and emptied the contents thereon. Eyam Bank and Bamford Clough were distinctly worrying to many of the drivers,

who then had to face their most difficult task at Jenkins Chapel. Competitors were allowed one reverse round the sharp hairpin, but this was unnecessary for the small cars. Outstandingly good were the Singer team composed of Messrs. Langley, Patrick and Avery, while others of equal melit were J. B. Terras (M.G. Midget), H. Quick (Ford Ten) and J. D. Mundella (Morris Minor).

In view of the fact that this was only the second Derbyshire Trial organised by the Club, and that the entry was more than double that of last year, the delay which occurred towards the end was excusable. At all events, complaints were soon forgotten during an excellent diluter and dance at the Palace Hotel afterwards.

Great interest was attached to the announcement of the results, and congratulations are due to A. Frew for his victory with a P type M.G. Midget. He only lost 10 marks, and scraped home ahead of M. A. McEvoy's Singer saloon, which lost 11.


Quick Trophy (for hest performance of the day).—A. Frew (M.G. Midget, P type).

rdawrey Trophy (best performance by a member of the organising club).—M. A. McEvoy (Singer).

Ladies' Prize.—Mrs. A. E. Moss (Singer).

Team Prim—Scottish Sporting Car Club team : A. Frew (M.G. Midget, P type), J. S. Hepburn (M.G. Midget), and W. K. Elliott (Singer).


The results of the Northern Trial, held recently, have now been announced as follow :—

Eggleton Cup.—J. Stoats (Frazer Nash).

Box Cup.—K. B. Steadman (M.G.).

First Class Awards.—C. C. Evans (M.G.).

The Hon. Secretary is Mr. K. D. Stephens, c/o Messrs. Kingscote i& Stephens, London Road, Gloucester.


Howard's Park Hotel, or strictly speaking the gravel drive leading to that establishment, was the scene of a Speed Trial organised by the Club last month. The course was about 330 yards in length, with a loose surface which might have been difficult for really fast machines. Unfortunately Donington clashed with the event, so that many of the Cambridge U.A.C. who were invited to compete were unable to turn up.

Fastest time of the day was made by Miss P. McOstrich, on a supercharged Frazer Nash, but her time of 17.1 secs. did not rank as the best performance of the day owing to the fact that supercharged cars carried a handicap of 10 per cent. of their times. This honour, therefore, fell to J. D. Stewart, whose 30/98 Vauxhall clocked 17.54 secs.

An interesting competitor was the hybrid machine driven by J. A. Lloyd, Jun. It consisted of a Buick engine in a T.T. Vauxhall frame, the whole being fitted with a monoposto body. He recorded 17.95 secs.

The 1,100 c.c. class was won by R. H. Cole (Singer Le Mans) in 19.2 secs., while the over 1,100 c.c. closed car class went to Mrs. H. Wood's Alvis. In spite of the fact that each competitor was allowed three runs, the whole programme was run off in the usual smooth

Wara " manner, and the whole programme was finished before teatime.


We are asked by the Hon. Secretary to inform our readers that the Austin Owners' Club has been formed and that a badge is being designed and will shortly be available.

All those interested should get in touch with the Hon. Secretary, Dr. D. Y. Livingstone-Smith, 64, Primrose Mansions, Prince of Wales Road, London, S.W. 11, or with Mr. E. H. Cavendish, 30, Albert Mansions, Albert Bridge Road, London, S.W. 11.

M.G. CAR CLUB. The regulations of the Abingdon to

to Abingdon Trial are now to hand. The trial is open to members of the promoting club, and to the following : Brighton & Hove, N.W. London, Singer M.C., Sunbac, and W. A.S. A.

The course will be roughly 120 miles in length, and the start will take place at 10.30 a.m. The usual acceleration and brake test, manceuvring and stop-andrestart tests will be held, and some good hills.

A fine list of awards will be competed for, including the following : University Motors Jubilee Cup, M.G. Challenge Trophy, Watkinson Cup, University Motors Trophy, P. J. Evans Cup, and M.G. Car Club Inter-Centre Trophy.


The results of the Langdon Trial, held in the Nenthead district on April 7th, were as follow :—

RESULTS. First Prize.—R. P. M. 1935 Committee Trophy

(to be held for one year) and replica : Miss K. Taylor (M.G. Midget), 2 marks lost.

Second Prize.—Tankard: Mrs. R. S. Ross (M.G. Midget), 15 marks lost.

Third.—D. K. Roberts (Riley), 22 marks lost.

The Team Prize, to be held for one year, was won by Team B, composed of Mrs. R. S. Ross (M.G. Midget), D. K. Roberts (Riley) and R. R. Miller (Singer).

The Hon. Secretary is Mr. j. L. Fawdon, 2, Collingwood Street, Newcastle-uponTyne.