Entries for the R.A.C. International Car Race have now finally closed with a total of twenty-six. This is the first genuine Grand Prix race the Club has organised since the R.A.C. Grand Prix which was run at Brooklands in 1927. It is interesting that at that time the International Formula for Grand Prix races limited the engine capacity of cars to 1,500 c.c. The. race which the R.A.C. is running in the Isle of Man on 28th May has exactly the same limitation, and one of the cars—in all probability it was the winner—which competed in 1927, will be running over the Manx Course. This is the Delage entered by Seaman, and it says much for the design of ten years ago, that with certain modifications this car is able to compete on level terms with the last word in modern racing cars with distinct hopes of success.

The entry for the R.A.C. race is the biggest that has ever been teceived for a scratch race in this country in recent times and is an indication that this type of event is popular with entrants. The quality of the entry is of the highest and challenges comparison with any race for similar cars in any part of Europe.

The course for the race has never before been raced over as a whole. It is four miles in length and whilst the maximum speeds on the mile straight from Onchan village past the GrandStand to the St. Ninian’s Church corner will approach 120 m.p.h., it is not expected that the course will be lapped at more than 70 m.p.h. Every attribute of the car and the skill and endurance of the driver will be tested to the full. The following is the complete list of entries :—