Really, we feel that we have devoted quite enough space to the Trials debate, but the Home Counties Committee having adopted the following findings and laid them before the R.A.C., we print them in full. What we really want to be able to print is the R.A.C.’s reply to the M.O.T.

1. That it is unanimously felt that such action as is necessary be taken by and within the R.A.C. and recommendations, are set. out, below which are, in the committee’s opinion, most. suitable for immediate application to the Rome Counties.

2. For the imrposes of this recommendation the clubs concerned shall he those that have their headquarters In the following eountiei;-:.—Kent., Sussex, Surrey, Hunts, Middlesex, lierts , Beds, Bucks, Berks, Essex, Oxon, Combs and London.

3. Constitution.—(a) The trials in the area shall be governed by an R.A.C. sub-tommittee consisting of six members appointed by the R.A.C. and six members elected by the clubs. The sult-eontndttee shall forthwith establish relations with the A.C.C. to maintain contact regarding clash, of dates, overlapping of courses, etc.

(b) Representatives from each club in the area shall meet once in each calendar year for the purpose of electing their six representatives of the committee for the ensuing period.

(c) The R.A.C. shall issue individual Competition licences at a nominal animal fee.

4. Control of Events.—(a) The R. A.C. sub-committee shall have control of events run by any clubs in the specified area.

(b) Clubs may not accept entries from competitors who do not hold a current individual Competitor’s Licence.

(c) The sub-committee shall have the right to appoint a steward to any event held in the area.

(d) Clubs within the area should be encouraged, subject to the consent of t he E. At. sub-eornmittee, if they se wish, to run group trials instead of events promoted by individual clubs, subject to limitations as to numbers. 5. Issue of Permits.—(a) There shall be two classes of permit viz. :—

(1) Open-to-area : i.e., open to all clubs in the area.

(2) Closed : i.e., restricted to the organising club. (IsIote.–Group trials shall count as one closed permit to each of the clubs concerned.)

(b) The area shall be entitled to not more than 12 open-to-area permits. in year.

(c) Restrictions as to number’s shall not opply to events so organised that all the observed sections lie on private ground.

(d) Every club shall be limited to three permits for any one year, of which one may, at the discretion of the R.A.C. sub-committee, be an open-to-area permit. The :remaining permits shall be closed. (e) The R.A.C. sub-committee shall appoint a steward for every open-to-area event, who shall

render a report to the R.A C., such report shall form the basis deciding whether or not an open-to-area permit shall be granted again to that club.

(f) The issue of permits for trials for four-wheeled vehicles shall rest only-on the R.A.C.

6. Thatthe R.A.C. is hereby recommended to arrange to apply the scheme, if adopted, to the whole country. 7. The work of the sub-committee shall at first ito eonfined to the control of reliability trials only ; twelve (or is it thirteen ?) clubs, so run ning in all closed trials. Clause 7 is provocative of food for thought. The clear old is still asked to control trials and to do, it seems, most of the work, but the Home Counties Committee has taken it upon itself to act in close liaison with the R.A.C. The Home Coun

should the It.A.c. tall upon the sub-committee to extend its activitio s. the sub-committee should be willing to do SO, and this possibility should be envisaged front the beginning.’ Where is the. County of London ? We still feel that a maximum of thirty-six trials in any of these small and congested counties may be too many, bearing in mind that each trial would probably then carry upwards of three times the present entry. Nothing has been suggested to prevent wealthy members from joining all

ties Committee deserves credit for having set the ball rolling when it was obvious that something would have to be done to appease the M.O.T. But in some circles the view is held that either the R.A.C. should be graciously presented with the suggestions and left to carry them out under its own control entirely, appointing a representative committee, as it thinks fit, or else a new body should have sufficient conviction of its opinions to act independently.

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