B.M.C.R.C. Motor-Cycle Racing at Haddanham

The race meeting of the British Motor-Cycle Racing Club at Haddenham airfield on April 3rd was historic, for it was the Club’s first racing at its own track since the demise of Brooklands. It was hard luck that, after a prolonged spell of fine weather, grey skies, a biting wind of gale force and drizzle for the last race were secretary Cliff Lewis’ lot, but the meeting was highly successful for all that No charge was made for admission but 2s. 6d. was charged for the souvenir programme and a charge was made for parking. A good crowd attended, and for a time held up the racing, not so much by invading the course as because at first they remained on the outside of the two-mile circuit instead of occupying the inside. Nevertheless, the racing ended well before schedule. But once again it was evident that a rope is inadequate for keeping control of the crowd.

Constructive criticisms were invited but, for our part, the only points that occur to us are more loud-speakers, perhaps a larger results-board, and rather longer races. All save the six-lap winners’ races were over three laps. There was a pleasant lack of unnecessary red-tape. The riding was of a high order, no one falling off, at all events at the “home” side of this sporting circuit, and the police of Bucks County Constabulary were quietly efficient and courteous. The actual track is unquestionably narrow but the grass verges make for safety.

Maurice Cann’s 248-c.c. Moto Guzzi won the first race, but his 496-c.c. Moto Guzzi was no match for Brown’s 499-c.c. and 998-c.c. H.R.D.s in later races and, indeed, retired in the 1,000-c.c. Winners’ Six-Lap Race. A.J.S. shared a “field-day” with H.R.D., both makes winning three races. In particular G. Brown rode splendidly and his H.R.D. won by very handsome margins. The sidecar and three-wheeler race attracted two Morgans and four combinations and was won by Hale’s white, two-carburetter 996-c.c. Morgan-J.A.P., which ran with front wings in place and kept Surtees’ H.R.D. at bay. The other Morgan, Wood’s stripped, single-carburetter Matchless-engined car, raced on bald front tyres and was unimpressive.

An M.G. Midget, and the A.C.-Nash driven by a white-overalled and helmeted Christie, closed the course between races and Cliff Lewis’ official car was an A40 Austin.