Self explanatory!

In view of reports that the BRM cars were "withdrawn" from the Valentino Grand Prix at Turin, the BRM Board of Directors wishes it to be understood that no entry for this race was ever lodged. After careful consideration it was realised that participation at Turin would seriously interrupt the scheduled tests.—Bulietin received from BRM.

Common sense

No doubt hoping to combat the waning interest in the Earls Court Motor Show, the SMMT has at long last relaxed its ban on the exhibition thereat of racing and record-breaking cars. These, suitably cleansed of the dust of battle, will form a composite exhibit at next October's Show, and additionally, each manufacturer will be allowed to display one car on his Stand which has "accomplished some particularly notable feat." This should appeal to firms like Allard, Aston-Martin, Jaguar, Jowett. Sunbeam-Talbot, Morgan, MG, etc., and we hope to see many proud wearers of the green amongst the bulbous shapes of their utilitarian brethren.