Reports of recent events, May 1955

West Essex C.C. Sprint Meeting (April 3rd)

More than 100 entries arrived for this meeting on Wormingford Airfield. Cars were run in pairs on the slightly rising course and some very close finishes resulted. The 1-kilometre sprint track was used and although showers made it damp the surface is good and cars were able to get away without too much wheelspin. In the smaller-car class the Fiat of R.D. Bias competed against the D.K.W. of Dr. C.D. MacCarthy, the Fiat winning by a very small margin. The only entrant in this class driving an open car was A.C. Westwood in a 1,089-c.c. Fiat. In the larger-car categories R.C. Walker produced his 300SL Mercedes to compete with J. Clarke in a DB2-4 Aston Martin ; the Mercedes led from the start. Next came the Austin-Healeys, Sunbeam Alpines and Triumph TR2s, followed by Jaguars, including the Mercury Special of J.A. Andrews. In the “sports cars in any trim” classes the 1,501-c.c. to 3,000-c.c. field brought many entries, including some AustinHealey’s and a Bugatti fitted with a Ford Zodiac engine. The 8-litre Bentley of Forrest Lycett and the 2,300-c.c. Bugatti of J.H. Sarginson were to be seen in the larger-car class, followed by the Mark VIII Coopers of May and Luke, and the 2-litre E.R.A.-engined Cooper of D. Wilkinson in the racing-car class.


Up to 1,100 c.c.;
Saloons; … E.B. Wadsworth (1,089 c.c. Fiat)
Open; … … A.C. Westwood (995 c.c. Fiat)
1,101 to 1,500 c.c.;
Saloons; … R.W. Jacobs (1,250 c.c. M.G.)
Open; … … D.R. Piper (746 c.c. Lotus Empire)
1,501 to 3.000 c.c.;
Saloons; … R.C. Walker (2,996 c.c. Mercedes)
Open; … … E. Braine (2,660 c.c. Austin Healey)
Over 3,001 c.c.;
Saloons; … R. Playford (3,442 c.c. Jaguar)
Open; … … W.P. Jones (3,442 Jaguar)
Sports Cars in any trim;
1,101 to 1,500 c.c.; ..E.C. Harewood (1,467 c.c. M.G.)
1,501 to 3,000 c.c.; ..R.D. Biss (1,971 c.c. Warrior-Bristol)
Over 3,001 c.c.; … . C. Wick (3,442 c.c. Cooper-Jaguar)
Racing Cars;
500 c.c.; … … … … A.W. Richards (500 c.c. J.B.S.)
501 to 1,100 c.c.; .. E.E. Marsh (1,098 c.c. Cooper)
1,101 to 1,500 c.c.; A.V. Burnard (1,498 c.c. E.R.A. Delage)
1,501 to 3,000 c.c.; D. Wilkinson (1,991 c.c. Cooper E.R.A.)
Over 3,001 c.c.; … C. Wick (3,442 c.c. Cooper Jaguar)

Road Racing at Brough

Formula III car racing took place at the Blackburn Welfare M.C.’s first 1955 meeting at Brough aerodrome in Yorkshire. Heat 1 of the scratch event saw Cliff Allison lead from the start, followed by Ivor Bueb, both driving Coopers. In the second heat J.K. Hall was first with P. Robinson second, also in Coopers. The 10-lap final started with Allison in the lead closely followed by Bush and Russell, although Bush dropped to third place, which he kept throughout the race.

Scratch Race; C. Allison (Cooper)
Fastest lap; … C. Allison (record)
Heat 2; … … .. J.K. Hall (Cooper)
Final; … 1st, Allison; 2nd, Russell; 3rd Bueb
Handicap Race; 1st, J.K. Hall (Cooper)

Lydstep (April 9th)

On Easter Saturday the Pembrokeshire M.C. organised their Speed Hill-Climb at Lydstep. Best performance was put up by John Moore in a Morgan Plus Four, he won the three classes for which he entered and broke two class records. Herbert Thomas in a Ford Zephyr, led the rest of his class by over 3 secs.

Class 3, Up to 1,100 c.c.; … … Day (Singer)
Class 4, 1,101 tp 1,500 c.c.; … R.D. Jennings (Cooper M.G.)
Class 5, Sports Cars, 1,501 to 2,000 c.c.; J. Moore (Morgan)
Class 6, 2,001 to 3,000 c.c.; … J. Moore
Class 7, Unlimited; … … … … . J. Moore
Vintage Cars; … … … … … … J.A. Williamson (Bentley)
Production Saloon Cars,
Up to 1,500 c.c.; … G. Tapp (Ford Anglia)
Up to 3,000 c.c.; … H. Thomas (Ford Zephyr)
Unlimited Saloons; J. Threlfall (Aston Martin DB2)

Castel (April 11th)

On Easter Monday the South Wales A.C. ran their Castel Hill-Climb over the new lengthened course. J.A. Williamson in his Bentley set up a new course record.

Class 1, Up to 1,100 c.c.;… … Mrs. V.G. Bevan (Morris minor)
Class 2, 1,101 to 1,500 c.c.; … C.D. Buckler (Buckler)
Class 3, 1,501 to 2,500 c.c.; … J.M. Seal (Triumph TR2)
Class 4, over 2,500 c.c.; … … J.A. Williamson (Bentley)
Saloon Car handicap; … … … N. Searle (Ford Anglia)

Trengwainton (April 11th)

The Cornwall M.C. again held their Hill-climb at Trengwainton on Easter Monday; the weather was favourable and motor-cycles as well as cars were to be seen. One of the best competitors in the smaller-car classes was W. A. Cleave in his well-known Morris Special. In the 2-litre class G. Crossley Meates in an A.C. Ace was closely followed by J. Banbury driving a Morgan. Best time of the day was made by G.S. Scali in a 3.8-litre H.W.M.

Open Championship; … G.S. Scali (H.W.M.)
750.c.c. Class;… … … K. Newland-Hodges (Austin).
1.300.c.c. Class; … … W. A. Cleave (Morris Special).
2,000.c.c. Class; … … G. Crossley Meates (A.C. Ace).
Over 2,000.c.c. Class; G. S. Scali (H.W.M.).

Circuit of Ireland Trial

The 1,000 Miles Circuit of Ireland Trial, organised by the Ulster A.C., started from Dublin and Belfast on the evening of Good Friday. On the first night a navigation test was held just after the time check at Newry. This was followed by breakfast at Sligo before the competitors turned towards Tipperary and the Galtee Mountains.

Class 1—Production Touring Cars up to 1.000 c.c.; 1st; E.C. McMillan (Standard Ten).
Class 2—Production Touring Cars, 1,001-1,600 c.c.; T. O’Connell (Volkswagen).
Class 3—Production Touring Cars over 1,600 c.c.; .. M. Glover (Sunbeam).
Class 4—Production Sports Cars; … … … … … … .. F. Dundee (Morgan).

London M.C. Little Rally (April 16th)

The Londoner Challenge Trophy (best performance by a standard car); … R.B. James (1.991-c.c. Triumph TR2).
Club Challenge Trophy (best standard car in opposite class); … … D. Silverthorne and Miss J. Bailey (748-c.c. Renault).
Breakheart Trophy (best “special “); … … F.L.A. Rourke (1,250-c.c. M.G.).
Coupe des Dames; … … Miss P.L. White and Miss E.V.J. Domleo (1.991-c.c. Triumph TR2)
Novices’ Trophy; … … I. Mantle and H. Jones (1.466.c.e. M.G.).
American Challenge Trophy (best performance by an American competitor); 1st: Lt. D. S. Sammis and H.H. Stone (2,660-c.c. Austin-Healey).
Team Award “Hampshire Hogs;”; … … W. H. Wadham (1.991-c.c. Triumph TR2), P. Wadham (1,991-c.c. Swallow Doretti), D. Silverthorne (748-c.c. Renault)— aggregate marks lost 341.8. Runners Up; “TR2s”—M. J. Hawley and Miss G. Jeffery, F.M. Baker, C.J. Toomer—aggregate marks lost 351.1.
Class Trophies;
Standard open cars up to 1,499 c.c.; … S. Moore (1,250.c.c. M.G.).
Standard closed cars over 1,499 c.c.; … Mostyn (3,442-c.c, Jaguar).
Class Awards, Second Best Performance;
Group 1A, Standard open cars up to 1,499 c.c.; … R. P. Ruggles (1,467.c.c, M.G.)
Group 1B, Open cars over 1,499 c.c.; … Dr. J.T. Spare end Dr. P. Legat (1,991-c.c. Morgan).
Group 2A, Closed cars up to 1,499 c.c.; … E.D. Woolley (1,488.c.c. Porsche).
Group 2B, Closed ears over 1,499 c.c.; … J.W. Castle (2,262-c.c. Ford).
Group 3 Specials; … A. Bellim (1,172-c.c. Bellow).
Third Best Performances:
Group 1A; … … T.C. Horn (1,250-c.c. M.G.).
Group 1B; … … W.H. Wadham (1,991-c.c. Triumph TR2).
Group 2A; … … D.H. Laver and Mrs. R. Riach (1,100-c.c. Fiat).
Group 2B; … … D.A. Bullock and Mrs. K. Bullock (2,267-c.c. Sunbeam).
Group 3; … … …A.D. Hammier (1,172.c.c. Kent Special).

Bentley D.C. Oulton Park Race Meeting (April 16th)