New BP Super



ANOTHER SUCCESS FOR THE BRITISH PETROLEUM COMPANY! New BP Super is platinum-processed The petrol with more energy per gallon

TT Is ONLY a few months since The British Petroleum

Company introduced BP Special Energol `Visco-static’ motor oil — the biggest advance ever made in car lubrication. Now, from this same company, comes a remarkable development in motor spirit, the new BP Super.

This new petrol is the result of a revolutionary new process. Petroleum experts have described this as ‘the greatest technical advance since the introduction of catalytic cracking some 15 years previously.’ In this process, the spirit is passed through a *catalyst impregnated with pure platinum. The effect is to re-form the petroleum molecules so that the petrol burns more smoothly, gives greater freedom from engine-knock — and has more energy per gallon.

What this means to you

New BP Super gives an immediate ‘fillip’ to your car’s performance. And that’s not all. Just see what you’re going to get when you run on this platinum processed motor Spirit : More energy per gallon Smoother, swifter acceleration Greater freedom from engine-knock More miles per gallon Less eng’ne deposits Longer engine life New BP Super suits all cars whether the engine is new or old, o.h.v. or side-valve, high or low compression. Indeed, because it will suit higher-thanever compression ratios, new BP Super opens the way to further progress in engine I

design. But whatever the make and year of your present car, you will find this platinumprocessed spirit gives it a new lease of life. You’ll get better performance right from the start — and a saving in fuel consumption.

You feel the benefit immediately

You can prove it for yourself, in your own car. Fill your tank with new BP Super and you will enjoy better performance straight-away. What is more, you will enjoy it without paying a penny extra. Another great thing about new BP Super is that it costs no more than ordinary premium grade petrols produced by less advanced refining methods.