Goodwood Members' Meeting



April 14th at Goodwood saw another Members’ Meeting take place. The first events were five-lap scratch races, the first part for cars up to 1,250 c.c and the second part for cars over 1,250 c.c. and up to 1,500 c.c. P. J. S. Lumsden in a Climax-engined Lotus won the first round at a speed of 78.26 m.p.h., with K. Greene in a Cooper-Climax in second place. R. F. Bloxam led the others over the finishing line in his Lotus-M.G, for the second part of the event for the larger-engined cars. Mrs. J. Bloxam, in the same car, won the ladies’ five-lap handicap race, which was followed by the 10-lap scratch race (1,500c.c.-3,500 c.c.), led by M. W. Head in a Cooper-Jaguar at an average speed of 81.20 m.p.h. A series of five five-lap handicap events then followed. Winners were: J. K. Bell (Morris Minor), at 60.66 m.p.h.; M. C. Sleep (Healey Silverstone), 68.55 m.p.h.; M. J. Clay (Lotus-Climax), 73.44 m.p.h.; T. Kyffin (Aston Martin DB3S), 80.96 m.p.h.; R. McG. I. Ireland (Riley), 70.52 m.p.h. The Earl of Suffolk overturning his TR2 at Fordwater in the 10-lap scratch race and E. Pool doing likewise in his Lester-Climax at South Tower constituted the major incidents of the day, but both were unhurt.

Positions in the Motor Sport Brooklands Memorial Trophy are as follows: P. J. S. Lumsden (11 points), K. A. Greene (9 points), R. D. Steed (7 points), M. W. Head (7 points), T. Kyffin (7 points), Mrs. J. Bloxam (5 points), and B. Baxter (5 points).

The next instalment of this serial at Goodwood will take place on July 7th. B.A.R.C. members are admitted free. — I.G.