B.R.M. Outing/Swandean Spitfire



On April 7th, at Bourne, Lincs, a luncheon party was given by Raymond Mays to some prominent racing drivers and members of the Press invited to see the B.R.M. perform at Folkingham aerodrome. A crowd of over 700 members of the B.R.M. Association viewed two of the latest short-chassis cars and one incomplete 16-cylinder model in the workshops. Later Mike Hawthorn, who had arrived by air in his Fairchild Argus, took one of the cars round the circuit for five laps followed, a few minutes later, by Tony Brooks, of Connaught fame. Both drivers demonstrated the excellent capabilities of the car which now stands a good chance of receiving the laurels of victory in the coming season. Raymond Mays later explained that the failure of the B.R.M. driven by Hawthorn at Goodwood on Easter Monday was due to a split grease cup on the rear axle pot joint allowing the grease to be thrown out, resulting in a partial seizure of the joint. — I.G.


F. M. Wilcock is fitting a new body to his four-wheel-drive Rolls-Royce Merlin-engined Swandean Spitfire and has replaced the self-change omnibus gearbox with one from a tank transporter. The monster is due to run at the Gosport Speed Trial of the Southsea M.C. on May 27th, over their new course.