How To Paint Your Car



The approach of summer and the prospect a unrationed petrol should bring gaiety to motorists and many of you will feel disposed to smarten up your cars.

As almost every amateur brush-painter seems to use Valspar we asked the makers, Goodlass, Wall and Co., Ltd., for their advice about doing the job properly. They replied that a pre-war car of I0-h.p. size can be effectively brush-painted for a total cost of about 27s. if the following procedure is adopted:–

(1) Materials:

(a) Approximately 1½ pints of Valspar 2-4-hour Lacquer, which will cover a  pre-war  10-h.p. car in one coat.

(b) A good quality 2-in. brush.

(c) A quart of turps. substitute.

(d) Waterproof abrasive paper (100 and 280 grade).

(e) A turps. rag and lint-free duster.

(Total cost, approximately 27s.)

(2) The more “dust-free” the area in which you paint the better. Try and cut out draughts in the garage, also slightly dampen the floors and walls to prevent dust from floating about in the atmosphere.

(3) Make sure that one coat is dry before applying the next, if more than one is deemed necessary.

(4) Be careful during the preparatory stages of the job, remembering that “a good beginning makes a good ending.”

(5) Method:

(a) Wash down thoroughly with warm water and soap, removing all oil and grease with turpentine substitute.

(b) Remove all traces of rust with 100 grade paper and water and ensure that these areas are dried off.

(c) Flat the whole of the surface to be painted, using 280 abrasive paper, water and a little soap. Sponge off and allow to dry thoroughly.

(d) With a fine lint-free cloth, wipe over the surface to be painted in order to remove any dust.

(e) Apply one or two coats of Valspar 2-4-hour Lacquer, as necessary.

Incidentally, Valspar 2-4 hour Lacquer is used on all the Connaught team cars — brush applied. It is also used on the new Lister-Jaguar which won the British Empire Trophy Race and Colin Chapman’s new Formula II Lotus, to mention a few of the many racing cars finished in this material.

Those who wish to take the matter really seriously can obtain colour cards and additional information by mentioning Motor Sport when writing to Goodlass, Wall and Co., Ltd., who have been making good paints since 1840. — W. B.