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PREPAID RATES FOR PRIVATE ADVERTISERS 9d. per word (maximum number allowed 80)

Minimum Charge Sof-. Box Numbers, 2/6 extra. Box No. Address : “Motor Sport” 15-17, City Road, London, E.C.I

No insertion will be made unless prepaid. Copy received after first post on the 20th of the month will be held over until the next issue unless cancelled in writing before the 10th of the following month. The publishers reserve the right to refuse or withdraw copy without notice and do not hold themselves responsible for matters arising from office or works errors.


RAILTON, x937. 8-cylinder engine, axle, radiator, instruments. Sound. £25. “Takahe,” Iffley, Oxford 14997 M.G. jz, 1933. Red. Completely rebuilt. Superb condition throughout. M.O.T. certificate. 4rro o.n.o. Box. No. T.999. 14999 BRISTOL CLEARANCE. Suit 328 B.M.W Crank, £m; two sets pistons, k s; con.-rods, £10; oil-pump, 42.; block, 4ro; flywheels, 42: everything excellent condition (8,000 miles only). Fidler, Stanton Avenue, Manchester, 20. Tel. : DID 6390. 15001 M.G.-A (56). White, new hood and metal sidescreens, extras. Above average condition. £435. o.n.o. Cooke, Mead-Croft, Coltishall, Norwich, Norfolk. (5002 ALVIS SPEED TWENTY D.11. coup& 1934 show model, beautiful condition; over £300 repairs. Photographs and details. £25o. Seen Edinburgh. Box No. T.004. [5004 LAGONDA, 1932, CONTINENTAL. M.O.T. cert. Over 4200 spent recently, including respray B.R.G. Best offer over £20o or would consider exchange or part for Riley Nine Brooklands or Imp, also in good condition. Cameron, Morley Arms, Plynasrock, Devon. Tel. : 41191. (5005 TURNER ALEXANDER, Nov. ’60. 16,00o, discs, 13 in. w.w., heater, hard-top, etc. Not raced or rallied. Immaculate in Empress blue. £595 o.n.o. Gray, The Bungalow, Prating, Colchester. Tel. : Gt. Bentley 484. 15006 RILEY NINE SPECIAL. 4 amals, 4-branch, etc. Spares. Suitable road or trials. £80 o.n.o. Stroud, ‘I he Anchor, Froyle, Alton. Hants, (5007 AUSTIN 7-h.p. SPARES, 1929-1936. Approx. four engines, gearboxes, axles; vast heap well greased spares. Mr. M. Burn, 12, Cedar Road, Sutton, Surrey. Tel. : VIG 7906. (5008

INCOMPARABLE 1937 TA M.G. Maintained by an enthusiast. Engine recently reconditioned; 4 new tyres; repainted. New in last two years-hood, headlights, steering, silencer and many other parts. First offer over £160. 13ox No. T.oro. 15010 1939 MORGAN 4/4. Modified standard engine, excellent condition. Recent overhaul. Rewired, new batteries. Body, hood, tyres very good. M.O.T. tested October. 4140 o.n.o. • Tel. :

Halifax 60722. (5011 AUSTIN SEVEN SPECIAL. Alloy body. New tyres and battery, Needs attention. £20 o.n.o. Croydon. Tel. : SPR i168. [5012 1913 ADLER open 2-seater. In immaculate concours condition throughout. Winner of numerous awards. Sensible offers. Rhodes,” Cross Gables,” East Bierley, Bradford. Tel. : 68t821. 15.013 A35, JUNE, 1959. One owner, fully modified, immaculate condition, recent engine overhaul An absolute bargain at 4360. For further details : ‘I el. : EDG 4874 fatter 6.30 p.m.). 15014 RILEY x4 SPECIAL. Fibre body, shortened chassis; many extras, no reasonable offer refused-must go. Also many spares cheap. Daley, 87, London Road, Shrewsbury. Tel. : 6471. 1.5015

AUSTIN-HEALEY SPRITE, 196o, 20,000 miles. Blue, spots, k.o. wire wheels, Mintex ” 20 ” linings, hardand soft-tops, tonneau, rev.-counter, amp. meter, carpets, anti-roll bar, stage three tuned, screen-washers, heater. Never raced or rallied. Selling for saloon, due to increase in family. 4620 o.n.o. “Braemar,” Common Road, Huthwaire. Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts. Tel. : Sutton 178. (5016 1R3A, 196x. White. Overdrive, discs, radio, heater, washers, wing mirrors.. Hide upholstery. 15,000 miles. Immaculate£875, offers or exchange for other fast machinery. Jacques. 1, Ashway, Gayton, Wirral. Tel. : Heswall 3193. (5017

TR3 ENGINE/GEARBOX. Complete with all accessories; 8,000 miles. Brand new carbs. (.90 Muirhcad, 21, Hohne Grove. Burley W. ‘forks. Tel. : Burley 2292. 15014 SUNBEAM ALPINE, SERIES I. First regd. Feb., 5961. 13,000 miles, o/d, wire wheels, heater, washers, safety-belts, flowed head, modified carbs, Alexander camshaft, new Michelin “X,” immaculate red. ,£800. France. 74, Lexden Road, Col chester. Tel. 73938. 15019 8-h.p. O.H.V. STANDARD ENGINE, complete. £35. Forknall, zo, Beach’s Drive, Chelmsford,

Essex. [5020 M.G. TD SPECIAL, fitted M.G.-A engine and gearbox, new 4.5 cliff., Crypton, recent complete overhaul, immaculafe, B.R.G. Offers over £300. Tel. : Uddingsron 3452 (Nr. Glasgow). 15021 SUPERCHARGED ” HERALD ” SALOON (948 c.c.). 5 lb. boost Arnott supercharger fitted solely to provide adequate acceleration for safe family motoring. Never raced or rallied. 1200 “clutch. rotating valves, manual ignition control, fully instrumented, water temp., oil temp., oil pressure, ammeter. Ball hitch for sailing dinghy trailer, press-button radio, “silent travel” soundproofing, spot and reverse lights. Nursed with loving care. Motoring perfection but family now demand more sedate transport. £5o0 o.n.o. Tel. : Field End 9518. [5023 £25o AND HOURS of toil, Ford Special boxed chassis, reconditioned engine, full interior trim and instrumentation. Spyder, fibre-glass body, hood. A versatile car. L100 or offers. J. Archer, Knowle Lodge, Lichfield. (5024

ROLLS-ROYCE, 1932. Black, Owner-driver. 25-h.p., 22,000 since 4soo engine rebuild and clutch/brakes relined. Fabric roof needs attention: £250. MeTiVale, 9, Charlotte Street, Bristol, 1. 15025 A90 ATLANTIC CONVERTIBLE. Radio, heater, leopard covers, new tyres. Needs sonic attention. M.O.T. £35. Lamb. Tel. : Byfield 276. [5026 SET :ain.x 1: in. Al-fin drums (Austin-Healey). Pair Lotus it in. x 2) in. magnesium drums, backplates, etc. Other parts. Cassells, 5z, San down Road, Belfast, 5. (5027 M.G. TD, a933. Immaculate. “Near-near-aspossible condition.” Details sent to anyone prepared to own a real sports car. An investment at 095 o.n.o. An exceptional and outstanding motor car, dearer than most but a perfect example, with many extras. D. Brown, r 1, St. Peter’s Hill, Caversham, Reading. Tel. : (day) Reading 54011; (evenings) 72823. [5028 ” NUNS DIMLO’W,” 1929, Morris Cowley saloon. Delightful vintage character. Original. Excellent. 4roo. Ades’, 41, Frayslea, Uxbridge, Middx. (5029 ,so SPECIAL. Ashley body and hard-top. IFS., hydraulics, r5-in. wheels, spare engine. All mods. Cash required, haggle. £2.xo. Details from Goose, 18, Churchfield Terrace, Cudworth, Barnsley, (5030

CARIBBEAN Mk. IV. just completed. Reconditioned engine, as-in. wheels, ” X” tyres, less than t,000 miles. £3oo o.n.o. Tibbs, 8, Mount Pleasant Road, Wisbech, Cambs. 5031

TD2, x953. Good condition. Many extras. 285. (f HI’. available. Tel. ; Leamington Spa 1998. 5032 1960 NSU PRINZ 3o de luxe. New tyres, block. pistons, comp., exhaust, under-sealed. Immaculate. £375. Lord, 57, Shiphay Park Road, Torquay. 15033 BEIRICELEY 492 ex., 1958, 4-wheeler. New hood, very fast, good condition. £250. Tel. : Harlow 24128. 15035 FORD SPECIAL. Attractive Falcon body with hard-top. Numerous modifications, rz-volt system. 12,000 miles. £130. Brockbank, 45, Binswood Avenue, Leamington. B037 ‘FRB, 1955, MODEL. Overdrive, Michelins, heater. Never rallied. Bargain. £295. Tel. : MIL ,5172. t5039 STAR 18/5o saloon, 1928. Concours potential. Superb interior. Rebuilt back axle, magneto. Rewired armoured cable. New battery. Mascot. Well shod. M.O.T. Taxed. Restoring another 18/50. About £85. Write : Sheppard, Hawthorne Cottage, Epping Green, Epping. (5061 TR3, a sprightly and attractive four-year-old, all extras, 48,000 miles. ‘Fel.: Lochwinnoch 459, or write Box No. U.o62. 1.5062 ROLLS-ROYCE. Director’s car in mint condition. 25/30 Series, registered in 1938. Sportsman owner-driver saloon, coachwork by Thrupp & Maberly. Six new tyres. Faultless mechanical order. £50o. A. Reginald Brown, 420. Ware Road, Hertford, Herts.15063

1954/55 TR2, excellent condition. Red. Respray. overdrive, heater. £325. Tel.: Nottingham 6o$70. 1501)4 M.G. PA. Chassis complete both axles, front reconditioned. King-pins/bushes. Radiator good. Petrol tank no dents. All brakes new linings. All springs. Camshaft and sundry parts. No engine, no gearbox. When replying please enclose s.a.e. R. G. Eden, 5 ao, Bramford Road, Ipswich. 15063 B.S.A. SCOUTS, two off Series 6. Both v.g. mechanically. For spares. G. van Someren, Porthill, Newcastle, Staffs. Tel.: 51055. 15066 PORSCHE, 1954, xsoo. Low mileage, excellent condition. £680 o.n.o. Box No. U.067. (5067 x9s9 LOTUS SPECIAL. t,172-c.c. engine, coilspring suspension, glass-fibre body, tonneau cover, newhttrer4y3.G2ood condition. £230 o.n.o. Tel.: ctiat n 49 15068 ENTHUSIASTS WANTED to put finishing touches to Riley Special. Rebuilt chassis, new headlights, etc. Needs red Mistral body and radiator fitting. Owner moving with no accommodation. £100 o.n.o. to clear. at, Finchley Road, Westcliffon-Sea.[5069

LOTUS 7, Series 2. Beautifully finished, trimmed and equipped to meet the demands of the most fastidious. T. and I. Terms easily arranged.

£455. Details. To.: Hither Green 9268. 15070 M.G. TA, x938, sports. Excellent condition. £150 o.n.o. Wettings, 26, Belvidere Road, Shrewsbury. (5071 750 FORMULA racing car. Much modified engine. S.U.s, c/r. gears, hydraulics, i.f.s., etc. L175. Tel.: FOOtscray 7540. 15 M.G.-A x600, 1960. Iris blue. Wire wheels, new ” X ” tyres, heater, wireless, spots, underscaled. £680. Will accept Mini Minor in part exchange. Davies, Highways, Caswell, Swansea. ‘I’d.: 68397. 15073

ROLLS-ROYCE 25/30, 1938. M.O.T. S1p5or7c3s saloon, o.d. Excellent condition throughout. Photo sent on request. £540 o.n.o. Tel.: Ashfield (Birmingham) 1078.

R.M.F. RILEY 24-LITRE black saloon. Two owners. New hood, pistons, big-ends, mains, etc. Good tyres, Immaculate except carpets. Taxed year. Demonstrated anywhere. Terms, exchanges. £290. Fineshade Motors, Duddington (Tel.; 248). Stamford, Lincs. 15075 TR3A, 1958. Excellent condition. Red. Barwed head, new ” X ” tyres, overdrive, leather upholstery. H.P. arranged. Exchange considered, £525. Andrews, 136, Long Lane, Chadderton, Lancs, 13077 ALVIS, NOVEMBER x95x, ,C225 0.11.0. Tel.-: Seven Kings 5147 (between 5 and 7 p.m•). 11078 COLLECTOR’S PIECE. Sound 1934 For •B, £80 o.n.o. Lander, 28, New Road, Chatham, Kent. (5o8t ROLLS-ROYCE TYRES-700 x t8: four brand new, tour secondhand. Moorhouse, Bell Busk, Skipron, ‘Yorkshire. Tel.: Airton 224. 15082 ALVIS SPEED TWENTY-FIVE saloon, 1934. Recently expensively overhauled, now in very good order throughout, a pleasure to drive and ready for many years of work. A fine-looking car for 415o. Write, Perry-Smith, The Hole in the Wall, Bath. (5083, 1938 x4 JAGUAR. Good engine. Blakey, a r Gate house, Thorpe St. Peter, Waintleet, Lincs. 1,5084 sooE. H1c. head, Aquaplane twin S.U.s, inlet and exhaust, other bits. k t 5 0.11.0. Parrott, 18o, Broughton Avenue, Aylesbury, Bucks. (5085

M.G. Jz. Ford Ten engine (new 13/its). 4-speed box. Ignition requires timing. £35. Rowe, Rear 102. 15086 Load’s Road, Birmingham, 19.

LANCIA AUGUSTA. Excellent condition.

£85 o.n.o. Birmingham, Tel.: South 3129. (5087 ALVIS 12/50 BEETLEBACK, big port, 1927. Engine undergoing overhaul. Lao° o.n.o. Bir mingham, Tel.: South 3129. (5o88 RILEY NINE LYNX, 1934. Good condition. New tyres, brakes relined, recent top overhaul, spotlamp, numerous engine spares. Vcry reliable. Ideal open car for family man. M.O.T. Company car forces sale. £65. Maybourn. The Hall, Cheddar, Somerset. Tel.: 157. 15.090t937 BENTLEY 44 Park Ward soon. Excellent condition, lull history. £300. Hall, 90, Toni:We Road, Thirsk, ‘forks. ‘1 el.: 2158. 15091 ARMSTRONG TYPHOON 2-LITRE aluminium fixed-head coupe, with special rear-wheel valances. 36„000 miles since maker’s engine rebuild. Reconditioned throughout, including reehrome plating, new roof fabric, recellulose dark blue, undersealcd, new carpets. New Michelin tyres, Radiomobilc, heater, windscreen washers, radiator blind and boot-lid luggage rack, safety belts. Maintained by makers in perfect condition. Probably best existing example of this excellent sports saloon. Price : 4175 o.n.o. Conn, 8, Willow Way, Sunbury-on Thames, Middlesex. Tel.: 3437. 5092 LAGONDA, 1934, 41-LITRE sportsman’s saloon. Requires some attention. 4too o.n.o. Parker, Stoke Ferry. Norfolk. [5094 ASTON MARTIN, 1938, 2-litre green open sports. Nearest k..zoo. Waldron, Madeley Manor, Near

Crewe. Tel.: Madeley 375. (5095 1952 COUPE JUPITER, grey. An outstanding individual car, beautifully built by Collinson; new engine 196o, special aluminium sump. M.O.T.

certificate. 4350. Box No. U.096. [5096 M.G.-A, 1956. Red. Tonneau, wireless, twin spots, heater. Owner joining P. & 0. as Ship’s Surgeon. £475 o.n.o. Nash, South Molton, Devon. (5097 RILEY SPARES. 1938 ti-litre engine complete with all accessories, excellent condition, £20. Many other 1J-litre spares. Preselector gearbox, 9-h.p. engines and gearboxes, c.w. & p., starters, h/shafts. Host of Rilcyana. Chassis, springs and body parts given away. All offers considered. ). Bateman, 462, Station Road, Dorridge, Solihull,

Warwicks. (5098 ‘TWO-LITRE LAGONDA SPARES, including complete supercharged engine. Brend, ” Dengie,” Spring Lane, Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford. Essex. [5099 TRIUMPH TR3A, ERG., May x96o. One owner; impeccable condition; no trials or races. Heater, overdrive, underseal. 4725 o.n.o. Box No. U. too. [5100 ASTON MARTIN Mk. II, long chassis, good condition throughout. Faster than Usual. 4295 0.0.0. Tel.: Woking 1725. Istoi iso FORMULA sports “special.” I.F.S., hydraulics, non-shroud 15-in. wheels, new Pirellis, twin S.U.s, close-ratio gearbox, full engine mods, twin alloy leather-covered racing seats, polished steering wheel. l’rettiest one-off, Ferrari type, professionally built, aluminium body. Very fast. Carpets, full road equipment; many extras. 42.10 o.n.o. C. Jaques, Little Beeches, Warren Drive, Kingswood, Surrey. Tel.: MOG 2359.(5102 M.G. F MAGNA sports, specimen condition. New hood, battery, petrol pump, etc. New M.O.T.; taxed, insured. 48o o.n.o. 29, Warwick Road, Intake. Doncaster. (5503 ALVIS OWNER has to part with his esteemed 1947 IA14 coupe—aluminium body by Cooper. 4175. J. A. Waterer, Vincent House, Pembridgc Square, W.2. Tel.: BAYswater I 153. (5t07

BUICK, 1037, 9-seater limousines, matching pair. M.O.T. certificate on both. Used on wedding and funeral hire. Offers invited for both, or would sell separately. Baron, 8, Park Street, Abergavenny.

Tel.: 450. [5108 RILEY LYNX, 1935. Open tourer. Engine excellent, body tatty. M.O.T. £95 0.0.0. Box No. 0.109. [5109 BARGAIN, 4zoo. GOGGOMOBIL T300. 1957. Must go, lying idle. Gearbox needs minor repair, otherwise sound. Webb, 35x, Maryvale Road, Bournville, Birmingham. (5170 ALTA MINOR coupe, 1951, converted 1959. twin S.U.s, banana exhaust. Excellent condition. t000 performance for 4220. Tel.; RAV 3392. (5111 DEC. ’50 TRIUMPH HERALD saloon, coup! specification. Downton manifolds, undersealed, Silent Travel, other extras, New tyres and clutch. Immaculate, mechanically faultless, one-owner car, taxed to Jan. ’63. 4485 o.n.o. Way, Morella, Hall Drive, Appleton, Warrington. Tel.; Stockton Heath 1849. (5113 1936 F.N./B.M.W. Type 319 tourer, 90% overhauled. New tyres. 435. Shaw, 5, Balmoral Close, Littleover. Derby. (5114 MX. TF, 1954 (Nov.), Stage II. Recent rebore. Heater, radio, every extra. 49,000 miles. Excellent condition throughout. 4445. 17, Highgrove Way, Ruislip. Tel.: 3484. 15115 FORD zo5E : New twin 11–in. S.U.s, inlets, Derrington exhaust. 417 o.n.o. 23, Common Lane, Wil

mington, Dartford, Kent. [5116 ARNOTT SUPERCHARGER, carburetter, valve, plumbing, etc., for S/Talbot, etc. Little used; 425. Lucas Vortex racing magneto, 4VRA. £5. ‘rel.: Capron, Elmbridge 5089. (5117 ABSOLUTELY FREE: 1934/5 Singer Continental. Offers : Pair perfect 32 in. x .0 in. tyres, tubes, wheels; Morris ” Oxford” radiator (c. 1930, pre-war ” Minor ” parts. Box No. (LT 19. [5119 M.G. TA, excellent Tickford coup& Host extras, including radio. Value 4150; will accept immediate 4120. Henderson, 30, St. Paul’s Street, Stam ford, Lincs. (5124 RILEY 2) drophead, 1951. Excellent condition bodily and mechanically. A rare bird. £285. 21, Chichester Way, Selsey. Tel.: 2933. [5125 GURNEY NUTTING 3-LITRE Bentley, 5225. No expense spared on 1962 overhaul and repaint. Not cheap. Details and photograph. Lillie, Lovas West, Marnhull (Tel.: 389), Dorset. [5126 SALE: NEW HERALD” S “gearbox; and engine parts; also Riley Nine gearbox. Tel.: Coventry

20359. [5127 ALVIS Titre, 1947. Racing green, well maintained. Absolute bargain at £15o. 82, Hiltingbury Road.

Chandler’s Ford, Hants. Tel.: 4065. [5129 SCALEXTRIC G.P. 3 (Coopers), new at Christmas, little used, owner too young. Half price, 45.

Tel.: UNDerhill 5735. [5130 T.V.R. GRANTURA, June 1960. 85 m.p.h. and 38 m.p.g. Reluctantly offered due to overflow (son and dog). Dark blue car in first-class condition, including leather upholstery, new dashboard, screen-washers, and seat belts. Fordspeed conversion fitted Jan. ’62 to ro5E engine. 4555 o.n.o. 31, Peak Road, Clanfield, Portsmouth. [5131 2931 BENTLEY 4(-LITRE, Serial No. XT 363o, snorts saloon by Cooper. Original, very good condition. Two owners. 60a, Sutton Road,

Southend, Essex. (5532 GEARBOX, RAILTONJHUDSON, remote control accept £7 105., offers. Bell, 132, Kyverdale Road. London, N.I6. (5133 H.M.V. RADIO, push-button, £52 ros.’ Lucas ” Flamethrowcr,” Lucas Spread 700s, Noteck fog, all as new, offers around half list price. Ford Consul windscreen, new, 50s. Bell, 132, Kyverdale Road, London, N.i6. [51335 AUSTIN-HEALEY 500/6, 1957. Very good condition. 2/4-seater. Red with red upholstery. Radio, heater, tonneau, twin spots. New battery. .C475. Lovegrove, 84, Somerset Road, Waltham stow, E.17. Tel.: COP 166t. (5138 HANSA, 1959, station-wagon, £450, excellent condition. z,loo-c.c. horizontally-opposed engine. Front wheel drive. Green with grey interior and heater. Left-hand drive. 30,000 miles, one owner. Howes, z8, Castle Crescent, Reading. Tel.:

Reading 84372 (between to-5). 15139 SUNBEAM Mk. III d.h.c., 1955. Green. Engine overhauled March 1962. Fitted overdrive, heater radio. Body, paint and tyres good. L350. Swanborough, 13, Crompton IStreet, Chelmsford, Tel. 51586 (evening); LOLIghton 6221 (day). 15140 RELIABLE za-h.p. D.H.C, for sale in form of good 1936 British Salmon. £60 wanted to buy pram, etc. 96, Spencefield Lane, Leicester. Tel.: 23566

(B.); Thurnby 2443 (II.). 15141 CAMSHAFT ,q BENTLEY. Two excellent 6,00 20 tyres. Offers. Wanted : Good 5.25 x zi tyre. Dr. Goundry, Bloxliani, Nr. Banbury. [5142 M.G. YB, 5952. Maroon/maroon. Slightly worn but well worth .C160. Wallinger, 16t, Fontaync Avenue Chigwell. Tel.: Hainault 4406. [5143 VINTAGE STANDARD ” CHARLECOTE ” zseater S.L.0.4 (1926), in excellent state of repair. Almost entirely original and the only one still known to be in existence. Full details and history available. Offers to A. P. M. Harrison, Esq.,57, Glendower Avenue, Coventry. [5144 VINTAGE 0924 WILLYS Overland 4-seater saloon. Small amount of work to complete. £45. W. F. Hodge, Tudor House, Eton Wick, Windsor. Tel: Windsor 1315. [5145 M.G. TC, 1949, black/red, outstanding condition. New full tonneau. £250. Newcastle area. Tel.,* Ponteland 3724. (5r46 M.G. TC, 0947. Red. I3ody/mech. showroom condition. Prompt details, s.a.e., Wetherill, 4, Sandy hill Road, Ilford. [5147 THE ONLY 1428 11,9 Clyno touring motor car, vintage 1926, is offered in concours condition (M.S. Beaulieu report Nov. 1960. Farr, Tel.: WELbeek 1676. [5148

5959 JENSEN INTERCEPTOR, dark green, in good condition. £360. Tel.: Southampton 74555. (5149 ASTON MARTIN, 1934 Le Mans, long chassis. B.R.G. Excellent condition. M.O.T. Licensed. £275 o.n.o. Common, 77, Chesterfield Road. North Mansfield, Notts. [5150 DELAGE 06/70, 1930. Grey 4-door saloon, fine lines. Rebored 1961, M.O.T.-tested March 1962. Good mechanical order, body fair. £90 or reason able offer. Tel.: POPesgrove 8825. (5151 SHORROCK SUPERCHARGER, fits Ii-litre engines, especially Wolseley 55oo–under 10.000 miles, cost C8o, accept £45. Grover, 51, Queen’s

Drive, Bedford. Tel.: 66104. (5152 BORGWARD ISABELLA, 5955, registered 1959. Excellent condition, recent engine overhaul. £280. Robbins, t58, High Street, Aylesbury, Bucks. [5553 AQUAPLANE HEAD, L000 miles only, fit Mini. £22. Td.: Eckingion (Derbyshire) 2375. B554 MORGAN PLUS FOUR, 4-seater tourer, 1957 Immaculate condition, all extras, low mileage, recent complete overhaul. 4475. Tel.: Ringway (Manchester) 2152. [5155

1925 AUSTIN 12-h.p. tourer, two owners, So,000. Rebore, spares. Consider sale, exchange landRover. 17, Queens Road, Aberystwyth, Cards. (5_343 GOOD HOME WANTED for 1937 TA M.G. This close-to-perfect specimen reluctantly enters market for Liso o.n.o. m.o.T., April 1962. Barnard, 40,

Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells. Tel.: y5835485. AUSTIN-HEALEY BNx. Good condition. Addition to family forces sale. £325 0.0.0. Parks, Castle House, Caine, Wilts. LANCIA APRILIA. Scintilla magneto, relined 6 brakes and clutch. Renewed transmission, front

suspension and steering. M.O.T. certificate. 490 o.n.o. Tel.: Macauley 5676. 15347

ARNOTT SUPERCHARGER, etcetera, for 13.M.C. ” A” units. Unused since works reconditioned, £35. Box No. U.348. (5348 UNIQUE 1929 Motor Show Swift saloon, cheap to good home. Very sound, excellent runner. Body needs re-covering. Offers, Tel.; Woking 89. (5349 WOLSELEY HORNET SPECIAL. One enthusiast owner past seven years. Very good condition. m.o.T. certificate. £75. flannel!, 28, Hall Drive, Sydenham, London, S.E.26. (5350 M.G. TC, 7947. Red. Very good condition. ,C232501

oo .

45, Brook Lane, Oldham, Lancs. AUSTIN SEVEN, 1930, saloon, Sound. fai 15 r f5e3 con dition. £30. Gibson, Cropton Lane, Pickering, ,(

VW TWIN-CARBURETTER ” Express ” conversion. Used 5,000 miles. Complete, fitting instructions, £20. Two 560 x 15 tyres, 1-worn, 43 each. 24, Priory Road, Dunstable.

1930 M.G. “M,” recent rebuild. New hood, (aidescreens and upholstery. V.G.C. £8o o.n.o.

4u,, Leigh-on-Sea, Eisss,e5x4. DELLOW, 5953. First-class competition sports car, in excellent condition. Twin carbs., 4-branch exhaust, full weather equipment, twin spare wheels, Taxed. M.O.T. cert, for year. Realistic price. £145 or near. Pretten, The Willows,” Pa111511e51d5 Village, 13raintree, Essex. 3

JAGUAR Xl(zso drophead, 5951. Resprayed white. H12.4(1.9.engine: many extras. Completely overhauled. L25o o.n.o.; H.P. arranged. Rolls-Royce mascot, offers. K. 13randon, 18, Priory Road, Wells. Somerset. Tel.: 2610, 53 HEALEY DUNCAN 2.4. Excellent aluminium 2-seater body. New hood. £200. Tel.: Uxbridge (5357 B•S.A. SCOUT, 1938, Series 5, 4-seater tourer. M.O.T. New tyres, hood, screens and battery. Excellent condition throughout. 35 m.p.g. £95 o.n.o. Bournemouth area. Box No. U.358. 15358 LOW-CHASSIS 4)-LITRE oo-m.p h. I nvicta (1930), impeccable mechanically. Complete braking system rebuilt by specialists. Rebodied with exact replica. Receipts available. 1;575. Box No. 0.359.15359 M.G. TC. Enthusiast maintained. New hood, winkers, parking lights, etc. Very clean and fast car. 114.0.T. £235. Hales, 17, Broad Way, Wheathampstead, St. Albans, Herts. 1.5360 SALE B.M.C. “A “-TYPE 4.5 nose-piece, L12 10S. Set M.G.-A cjr. gears, ,C12 los. Both unused. Box N. 1.3.361.53,51 FORD ASHLEY saloon, Oct. ’60, to h.p. 3 ,000

miles. Hydraulic brakes, 4-speed box, 4.7 axle, rear hub conversion and axle spacers. New boxed chassis, twin S.U.s, ifs., 12-volt eleetrics, Carlotti steering wheel and safety belts, £220 o.n.o. Poston. Waterloo, Forden, Welshpool, Wales. Tel.: Porden 229. (5362

P. ARNOTT soo-c.c. J.A.P. Ready to race, 1,(51 31 65 3: with ’53 Ford transporter, 4135 o.n.o. A. D. Green, “Rangoon,” Redlynch, Nr. Salisbury.

PAIR Pao° HEADLAMPS, excellent condition, Lao. Courage, 13royle Mill Farm, Ringmer, Sussex. Tel.: 373. 7937 MORGAN 4/4 Climax. Recent complete 4

rebuild, many new parts. Immaculate condition. Bills and workshop manual available. Sensible 2598.

VINTAGE Close, Gt. Bookham, Surrey. VINTAGE ROLLS-ROYCE Phantom II, 5930, limousine, original, complete with mascot, tools, handbook, new tyres and battery. Genuine mileage 51,000. 4250. Box No. 0.366. 13366 ASTON MARTIN, 1998, OB2/4 Mk. III, approxi mately 20,000 miles. No overdrive, Tel.: ligham 3966. 15347 1961 Ss SUNBEAM Alpine. Under r0,000. No

extras. Red and black. Tel.: Egham 3966. (5368 1962 (Jan.) “ACE “-BRISTOL. 2,000 miles. Every extra. £2,000. Egham 3966. (5369 1429 41-LITRE open tourer Bentley. Recently

rebuilt. Tel.: Egham 3966. 15370 Wry CHEVROLET 4-cylinder coup& In regular use and surprising condition. 1;90.

University College, Oxford. ROLLS-ROYCE, 1936, 29/30 William Arnold sportsi saloon, without division. Two-tone beige. .Mucot, history and handbook. £250. Jones, t7, Oxford Road. Moseley, Birmingham, 13. [5372 ALVIS, 1954, TC2I, good condition, immaculate duo-blue, unmarked chronic, good tyres. M.O.T. 4295. Barnes, Ranby House School, Retford, Notts. [5373 no BUYS MY 1935 M.G. (P13). Sound mechanical order, body reasonable. Tonneau and hood fitted. 40 m.P.g. at 5o m.p.h., max. 70. M.O.T. Owner going abroad. Box No. U.374. [5374 BENTLEY, x934, 31-LITRE, Glasgow Show car. Very interesting small sports saloon by Hooper in extremely good condition. Mechanically perfect. 4225 0.0.0. Roger, 74, QIIoris salocin. 41.9P. Telephone for details, Gurston 4455 (Herb). [5376 INDIA SUPER 6-PLY covers, IS :.: 5.5; completely sound, un-punctured, trend pattern barely worn. From car yearly mileage 3,000, tyres renewed annually. Two covers 413, four £24. Sent on approval against remittance. Ryland, 118, Pcnn Road, Wolverhampton. [5377 SPRITE, MAY 1959, red. 23,000 miles. Many extras, including X “s. if required. Call Saturdays if possible. £420. Rock Mount, Priest Hutton, Carnforth, Lancs. [5378 M.G. TA MARK 110953. One owner since new. Genuine 40,000 miles only. Green with beige interior. Pull service and maintenance history. Marshall-Nordec supercharger or original S.U.s. “l’his car is absolutely immaculate and unmarked, and cannot be faulted in any way. £375. ThOse looking for a TI) which is still ” as new” should ‘phone Mr. Wilson, Tel.: Viking 4119. [5379

BENTLEY, 1938, Thrupp & Maberly saloon, in excellent condition. hngine overhauled. 4330. Box No. 0.380. (5380 SUNBEAM MARK III convertible, x955. Overdrive, rev.-counter, radio, heater, spots, “X “s. 4350 o.n.o. Consider p.c. car suitable V.S.C.C. events. Vincent, 611, Woodlands Avenue, Wolstanton, Newcastle, Staffs. Tel.; Newcastle 51341 (office), 518013 (home). 15382 1925 HILLMAN 4-seater, with hood and sides, 405. 1930 6-cyl. o.h.i.v, Number saloon, £8. 1904 model-13 Ford 14.9 h.p.. £6. Delivered under own steam anywhere England or open to offers, purchaser, collecting. D. Lister, A.Inst.P.I., Connor Downs, Ilayle, Cornwall. [5383

AUSTIN-HEALEY x00/6, 5958, 214-seater, good condition, t8,000 miles, reel. Overdrive, wire wheels. heater, ” X “S, tonneau spotlights. 4575. Rea, 1, Etive Court, Clydebank,’ Glasgow. 15384 FAMILY FRICTION FORCES sale of my rO35 Sunbeam Dawn saloon. ‘Iwo years plus small Iontune spent restoring. M.O.T. certificate. Taxed year. Second twin car and garage full of spares included. 4:200 or nearest: realistic offer. Further details, apply Mercer; 16, Broadway, Bebington, Wirral, Cheshire. [5385 RILEY KESTREL x4, 1935. Reconditioned. Photographs, details. 200 o.n.o. Anderson, 152, Thorpe House Avenue, Sheffield. [5386 x MINOR TOURER. Complete agent’s mechanical recondition, including engine, axle, brakes, steering, battery. Body excellent, interior and tyres good. Prepared for 40,000, miles cost-free motoring in March. Completely unforeseen changed circumstances force sale, Taxed Feb. t963. M.0.’1’. March. 4135 on May 22nd or 4150 immediate Sale. ‘1’0.: AlderShOl 23628 (after 6 p.m.). 15387

MORRIS OXFORD, 19st—chassis pressings, steering assembly, prop.-shaft, Mc., available for anyone interested in building up “special.”Box No. 0.388. [5388 A BEATNIK TYPE of open Rolls-Royce 4-stater coupe, 20/25. Body rather amateurish but with pleasing duck’s-back lines. m.o..r. ,c50 plus some cheap reasonable old beast. Tel.: Park 7225,

or write, 6, St. Mark’s Road, W. t t. [5389 ALVIS TA2r, re5a. Superb mechanically, excellent coachwork and interior. M.O.T. 415o. Tel.: Park 7225. [5390 M.G. TWIN-CAM coupe, 1960. Red. Mileage 8,cioo. Radio, heater, washers, mirrors: ” X “s. ” Interior silenced.” Competition seats, steering. Specially balanced, tuned .,s000 r.p.m. (4r5o). Cost new 41,5oo. Never raced, rallied. Offers around 48om ‘rel.: Nottingham 54221. [5391 RAYMOND MAYS CONVERSION for Mk. 2 Zephyr. Dean, 9, Bloomfield Avenue, Bath, 15392 M.G. TC. Cream/green. Stage I. 16-in. wheels. M.O.T. March. £175. 26, Elizabeth Avenue, Cjvildl horn 11111. Wolverhampton. 15393 BRITISH SALMSON, 1934, saloon, 420. Used daily. Rough condition. Young, Glebe Gardens, Margate, Kent. [5394 WOOLER CLOSE-RATIO gears for tooE, 6.8 : in and gear. zoo miles since purchased. 46. F. Burnett, College of Aeronautics, Cranfield, Bletchley, Bucks. [5395 JEEP, EX-U.S. : Hood, 49; doors, sidescreens (Vybak windows), £11; sets of flashers, £2; all as new. Minor MOO roof rack, Continental pattern, 47. Palmer, Old Felixstowe House. Felixstowe, I’d.: 4145. 15396 ALVIS t2150 tourer, 1932. Engine needs attention. M.O.T. L52 o.n.o. rel.: Maidenhead 42713 (after 7 P.m). [5397 ROCHDALE G.T. For the price of the bodyshell ! Regd. 196o. 1t72 engine 3,000 miles. Five good tyres. Popular chassis, underscaled since new. Sports coil. Sprayed light blue. 4150 0.0.0. Tel.: Leatherhead 3420, or write, 64, Orchard Close4,

DISZAA.NTLING 1936 M.G. N-type Magnbe3t t9eb. Fetcham, Surrey.

S.A.E. requirements. New set ” Newnes Motor Repair,” sacrifice Leo o.n.o., cost nearly double. (London.) Box No. 0.399. [5399 PRE-WAR ALFA ROMEO, d.o.h.e., 2,300-c.c. 6-cyl. saloon, mechanically sound; ,C250 o.n.o. Several good 18-in., 19-in. tyres. t957 Jaguar 34-litre engine, £40. Rover 75/90 engine. 1950, 425. Other bits, pieces. Granville Jones-, 47,

Edmondstown, Tonypandy, Glam. [5400 MORGAN 414, 1936. Winner R.A.C. Rally s3738-39. Coventry-Climax works modifications. In enthusiast’s condition to enthusiast only. ‘200. Box No. 0.40z. 15401 AQUAPLANE TWIN-CARBURETTER conversion with manifolds for Minor moo. £t4. *Fel.:

RILEY NINE LYNX, 1933. Excellent contflit4ign2 Leech 681064. throughout. M.O.T. certificate. Owned by enthusiast. 4550. 23, Forest Road, Birmingham, 13. Tel.: South 3146. [5403

FAIRTHORPE MINOR, May 1960. Excellent finish inside and outside, red cellulose. Many extras, ” X” tyres. 436o. Harrison, 21, Whitegates Road, Cheadle, Cheshire. Tel.: GAT 7126.

WOLSELEY HORNET, DAYTONA. Not(5r4u0141 since 4150 overhaul, No body, chassis damaged.

4 35 o.n.o. Will break, exchange, WHY.?

Stoke-on-Trent 85022. [5405 A7 SPECIAL Hamblin alloy body, hood, tonneau, sidescreens, modified chassis, suspension, brakes. 15-in. wheels, Engine just rebuilt. Special inlet, exhaust manifolds. Photographs available. Myerscough, 7, Greenaway, Broughton Village, Preston. (5400 RILEY 24—Breaking (R.M.B.). Good tyres, body (5407

rog prop.-shaft;ENGINE, GEARBOX, radiator, prop and mech. parts. Box No, 13.407. 109E rear axle; Herald disc-braked ifs. units. Brand new, to% off list. Delivered free 50 miles London. Box No. 0.40£1. 15408 LAGONDA, 1933, x6/8o selector drophead. Host of spares. 4130. London. Box No. 0.409.[5409 ROLLS-ROYCE 20/215 Barker-bodied limousine, in very good order. .4roo 0.11.0. 8, Brook Lime Field, Harlow, Essex., 1948 M.G. TC. Ivory. Growng family forces reluctant sale. Machinery recently overhauled by M.G. Agent. Good tyres; extras include twin spots, luggage rack, etc. 011retS around 4235. Tel.: Walton on-Thames 2035 faller 6 p.m.). 15411

ALAS, FORCED TO SELL beloved M.G. ‘CC. Going abroad. Lovingly maintained, sound throughout and usually driven at 45 m.p.h. but can shift. Colour red. f,25O o.n.o. Tel.: Fontmell Magna 241 (North Dorset). [5156 MODIFIED moo TRAVELLER. 9 :1 c.r., polished head, twin S.U,s, light polished valve gear, d.v.s., recent engine overhaul; no oil. heater, seat belts, etc. Radio (48 extra). 4475. Standard, 4450. Wanted : TF r5oo. Chapman, ‘Crecastell, Bull Bay, Anglesey. Tel.: Amlwch 573. (5157

DELTA ! One of the rare, extremely attractive glass-fibre 2-seaters, 105E engine. Worth seeing! Nearly new. Offers. Frazer, 11A,Vi 4712; 27, Platts Lane, N.W.3. 15159 FOR E93A POPULAR Aquaplane, twin-carburetter manifold with one Zenith; 4-branch cast exhaust. Lot, Llo. Riddell, Ironmonger, Llan dudno. 15160 BENTLEY 3i, aq35, Park Ward drophead. New brakes and clutch. Excellent value at 4145. Belle Ile, I larestone Hill, Caterham, Surrey. Tel.:

Caterham 5538 or 3042. [5161 ROLLS-ROYCE, 1931j2, two owners, 112,000 Windover limousine. Green. Sound order. M.O.T. certificate. Li 30. Tel.: Amersham 869. [5163 PB SPECIAL, reg. 1946. Interesting racing history. 490. 155, Balmoral Road, Watford. 15164 PERSONAL AERODYNAMIC G.T. Lively per formance, with economy, reliability. Advanced specification. All new parts, many extras; sports, racing screens. Hacker, t T, Garnett Road, London, N.W.3. [5165 1172 EXTRA SPECIAL. Multitubular space-frame, immaculate 13.R.G. aluminium body, full weather equipment, wood-rim wheel, all accessories. IFS., Woodhead-Mcinroes all mind. Highly tuned Ford, 9 ;t O.. 11-in. S.U.s, extractor exhaust, etc. Genuine 3,000 miles. Buckler Cr. box, 4.7 c.w.p. Taxed, insured until December 1962. Start haggling around 4240. Harria, 72, Grange Road, Aveley, Essex. [5169 BENTLEY OWNER going Australia offers 1935 31 Rolls-Bentley, attractive Park Ward sportsman’s saloon, including most engine and all transmission spares worth at least ,C,120, and radio. Car stored La :vlotte Garages, St. Helier, Jersey; Tel.: Central 3136 . Price, including freight from Jersey, 4360. 15170 r949 M.G. TC, red, in good condition. New tyres and brake linings, recently fitted. Owner going abroad. 4225 0.11.0. Tel.: Gerrards Cross 2502 .,evenings). 15171 SHORROCK SUPERCHARGER for Triumph Herald, complete with special 4-branch exhaust system, pressure gauge, etc., 4.55. Oil cooler complete, Lb. Two Duraband, £8. 14, West End, Wormley, Broxbourne, Herts. Tel.: floddesdon 4703, (5172 1953 MORGAN Plus Four, Vanguard, red, excel lent throughout.. Three new lyres, valves. timing chain, exhaust, battery, hood, rings, reground crank. Photos available. 4,265. 13artlet, 35, The Knoll, Hayes, Kent. 15573

SUPERB 1938 ROLLS-ROYCE 25130, H. & I. Mullincr sedanca in impeccable order throughout. 4700 or very near offers. Also 1937 4.3 AMA, rare Freestone & Webb sports saloon in good order. Recently rebored to standard; new clutch and back end fitted. A high-performance vehicle for Ls 20 or thereabouts. Box No. 1.1.174. 15174 FIAT 500, 1939, Spares : Cylinder head, distributor. gaskets, etc. Also Riley 1925 handbook, 5os. Scott,

14. Orchard Way, Luton, Beds. 15175 SUNBEAM SALOON MK. III (t955), B.R.G. Excellent condition throughout, four new tyres, floor change, heater, radio, overdrive; standard tuning, never rallied. £375. Tel.: Upminster 2037. [st76 1924 WOLSELEY x6-h.p. 4-cy1. ci.h.c. tourer in

t00% original condition. Stored on blocks since death of owner in 1936. Sound tyres, original hood, sidescreens, tools and handbook. Chelmsford area. Tel.: Pleshey 215. 15177 S.S. JAGUAR, rare 1936 saloon. Fast, goodlooker. 13.R.G. E55. Daily use. Tel.: Field End 8851 (Middlesex). 15178. SALE, SALE, SALE: Triumph Herald, 1960,

11,60o. Mauve. One owner, very good order. 4470. J2 M.G. parts. J2 Allard parts. Send for list. Volkswagen tow-bar, new, 46. Box No. U.179. (5179 MORGAN PLUS FOUR dffi., 195r, Vanguard, twin-carb., forsaken for wife, seeks owner willing maintain immaculate condition. Regularly exercised, scrupulously serviced. M.O.T. certificate. 4195. York, 2, Rosaville Crescent, Allesley, Coventry. [5180 RILEY KESTREL NINE, 1934, perfect. Engine ribby. Sparc engine. Springs reset. £55. Box No. U.181. [silt TII3, 1956. Overdrive, heater, radio, spots, tonneau. Mich. ” X.” Low mileage, immaculate and fault

less. 3.95 gns. Evanson, 190, Buxton Road, Stockport, Cheshire. Tel.: Stepping Hill 4170. ist GINETTA, 1959. Spece-frame, i.f.s., r,rrz c.c.-_ Good condition. 46, Sheffield Road, Glossop, Derbyshire. 15184 MINX EQUIPMENT, circa 1954. Gearbox, little used, 414; radiator, 43; axles and diff., £3. Valves, carbs., liners, etc. Write for requirements. Also tow-bar suit Anglia, used once, 42. M. Chase, 21, Moseley Road, Kenilworth. (5185 AUSTIN A40 CONVERTIBLE, 1953. Beautifully maintained. Recent overhaul. £175. 3, Mudcford Quay, Christchurch. [5t86 M.G. TC, 1946. Body good. Ivory, leopard-skin scat covers. rear wheels; new Michelin ” X “; supercharger. Mech. sound. Twintoncs. 1v1.0.T. 4195, considering interesting p, ex. Tel.: Manchester CHOrlton 1840. [5187 RILEY 4. Black, brown leather. Reconditioned engine; full history. 425o. ” Riverside,” Ilammervale, Ilaslemere. Tel.: Liphook 3324. [5188 M.G. YB, 1953, dark green/grey. Radio, heater, handbook, new battery, ‘C. & C. rears. Excellent condition. 42.55 o.n.o. Hart, 30. 13oot Lane,

Bolton. [SOO PORSCHE 1600, first registered August 1961; 10,500 miles. In silver grey, with matching Webasto sliding, head, radio, twin wing mirrors, 13osch spot and fog-lamp, anti-dazzle mirror. Concessionaire serviced to date; not rallied; one private owner. Including all extras, 41.800. I’d.: Manchester Heaton Moor 8433. [5202 DAIMLER, s935, V26 limousine by Hooper. New carburetter, In new valves, but big-ends doubtful. Ride control. M.O.T. Offers. Simons, 35, Potter Hill Lane, High Green, Sheffield. Tel.: High Green 396. f5203 EXECUTORS SELLING large quantity makers’ unused spares, Lanchester Ten, Daimler Fifteen, 1933-1940. S.A.E. list. The Ridge, Baslow, Derbyshire. (5204 ALVIS TA14, 1948, sound. 4160 o.n.o. 85, Gloucester Road, Malmeshury, Wilts. Tel.: 2208. [5208 S.S. JAGUAR 90 24-seater, 1936, with vs-litre o.h.V. Twin carbs. Completely rebuilt. Twin tanks, f.f. screen, P.roo lamps, twin spots and horns. New Vynide hood, sidescreens. Just had professional. rewire. M.O.T. test. Present owner seven years,, used only as second car. First 4175 or no. Gar butt, 19, Heights Drive, Leeds. 12. Yorks. [5209. RILEY KESTREL xi, 1935. Crossflow head. M.O.T. 465 o.n.o. Killcy, Beehive Inn, Eamcmt Bridge, Penrith. Penrith 2081. [5210 1962 PRAM, COT, etc., forces sale 1936 Kestrel. M.O.T.; Merlin minus engine; 467 pair;alsms many spares. too, Lipper Horsebridge, llellingly (Tel.: 443), Sussex.[5211 JAVELIN, Series 1, crankshaft requires regrind to. —60 thous., otherwise sound. 415. ‘rel.: Welwyn 4924.152t2 FORD, was 1955 Popular. Twin S.U.s, branch manifold, G.N. silencer, Bowden i.f.s., hydraulic front brakes, iz-volt system right through, S.D. fuel pump, flush-lining headlights, dimmer, dashlights. heater, radio. Upholstery perfect. Body excellent. Tyres good. 40,000 miles. Takc kzoo, quick sale. Lacey, 124, Cressex Road, High Wycombe. Tel.: 3592 /evenings). 15213 DISMANTLING 1949 RILEY 11, good tyres. 1, Albert Road, W.5. Tel.: All’ 2203. (5214 SUNBEAM RAPIER convertible, new condition. 4625. 45, Shirehall Park, London, N.W.4. Tel.: Hendon 7755. 15215 METROPOLITAN, 1962 May, convertible, fully equipped tor rallying or personal performance. Alex. conversion, Koni shock-absorbers. anti-roll bar, sealed-beam headlights, rev, light, hand spots, inc. Radio, hearer, cigarette-lighter. Very low mileage; circumstances cause sale. 4s65 o.n.o. 11.P. and p. ex. facilities. Industrial Cover 22, Queens Mews, Bayswater, London, W.2. Tel.: BAY 71t9. 15183 1949. LAND ROVER, s.w.b. Petrol, hard-top, new battery. Good condition. oci o.n.o. Tel.: SOU 141.4. 25, Augusta Road, Isaoseley, Bir mingham, 13. 15;16 RILEY MONACO, 1933. Suitable spares/enthusiast’s overhaul. Aluminium body, new rear-axle assembly. Lilt o.n.o. 47, Northumberland Road,

North Harrow. Tel.: HAR 7394(5217 S.S. JAGUAR 4-seater sports tourer, 1937, 21,-titre. Very rare, attractive model. Much admired. Excellent all-round condition. Reluctant sale. 485. I el.: Wanstead 2966 (London). 15218 RAPIER-Sec of seat covers, as new, cost 4221. Blue melton. Accept 45. Wood, t, lioneypot lane, Brentwood. (521’9 M.G. TD, 5933. Recon. engine 5,ocio. Gearbox overhaul 1,560. Radio, heater,, winkers,. new ” X “s. recent respray ;; Sidesereens; new hood. Owner posted Getmany. 4325. Gordon, Eastclean, Easrbourne, Tel.: Eastdean 2228, (5220 RILEY, 2933. 2216 Lynx, good all-round condition. m.o.T. liNchange Rapier, March Special, or

smular. Tel.: IMP 5821, Mrs. Dugan, (5221 SINGER tourer, 1947. First class order throughout; resprayed. Et I 5. Apply Bates, 6, Catherine Road, Newbury. (5222 BARGAINS! WEBER twin-choke club. for Mini ‘SA:nor, 420. Shorrock supercharger for side-valve ./sitrior, 43o. Both excellent. Tel.: Oxford 3$88)l. 15223 ALVIS SILVER EAGLE, 1929, dih. coupe:. Very good condition mechanically and bodily. Engine rebuilt 8,000 miles ago. Taxed, M.O.T. cert. 1120. Wykes, 7, Vinscornbe CreStent, London, (5224 DAIMLER SPaso. Soft-top, cover complete, ELS’. New condttion. 12. Flag Court, Hove. Tel.: 772326, (5225 COVENTRY CLIMAX F11422o, engine as new, modernised by Albatross. 80, Brtunley Avenue, Sheffield. 13. Tel. : Woodhouse 3331. (5273 FOR SALE. Alexander Twin S.U. conversion tor Vauxhall Victor. 425. Waring, 62, Ileatheroft, Hampstead Way, N.W,ri. Tel. : MBA 1061. (5234 BENTLEY, 1927, C-LITRE 2/3-seater drophead coupe. 4295. Details from: 11. Bryant, 1-30, West Bay Road, Bridport, Dorset. (5Z35 M.G. PA, 193$,. Green, Good condition. New hood, tonneau, k too o.n.o. Knights. 1’01. : Dcrwent 7158 (evenings:). (5236

LANCIA. D(smantling Lambda, Delamhda, Augusta and Aprilia. Most parrs and tyres. S.A.E. please. Kay, Marsh Lane. Ilarnbleton, Blackpool, (5237 INVICTA al-LITRE. Complete car less aXlesliafis, 415. Engine has broken con.-rod. Hotchkiss Paris-Nice t937. Being dismantled for spareS, parts cheap to clear. Hardwick House, Studley, Works. Tel. : Studley 522. (5238 BALLAMY DEMONSTRATION POPULAR. Usual mods. BOdy and mech. perfect. Haggle, $3, Neasham Road, Dagenham. Tel. : BERKELEY 13rog, August, 1959. Ivory, red

Goo 3966, Ext. 41 (8-5).

interior. Immaculate ‘condition; to7 m.p.h..

’50e1 . .(1).1,h areiG(6Soudrrellyo)o .sd7.47.8 i de-screens, 4280.


15-240 SHORROCK SUPERCHARGER for 13.M.C, ” A” type engines. Off .Sprite-hardly used. 435. FIO, Rtitherford, Officers’ Mess, R.A.E., Marham.

Norfblk. (5241 SPRITE, 1960. Red. Maintained by myself with loving care. Unmodified but usual extras. 4.450.

No offers. Box No. U.242. (5242 1961 TYPHOON 214-seater, E93 engine. 10.900 miles. ‘Tuned manifold, clratio gearS,t.f.s. Hardtop. tonneau, wood-rimmed wheel. heater. s/washers. 35 m.p.g.., 90 m.p.h. E350, I-1.P. 11 required. Hayes. to, Trevanion Road, London, w.r4. SUNBEAM-TALBOT 90, 1954, Mk, Ha 15c2o4n3vertible. Metallic: blue. Power brakes, radio, heater, twin spots, ” X ” tyres, boot rack. NeW hood and battery. An exceptionally nice looking car in excellent condition throughout. 4325. 1 el. :

POP Col9 t:evenings). 15244 RILEY 2;4.1112E, 195r. Superb condition, 40,000 miles only; now new engine; all accessories. JAGUAR XKlao. Mint condition. 1954. 1E5424255 4300 o.n.o. Box No. U.245. o.n.o. Pruett, 59, Queen Square, Bristol. [5246 M.G.-A, 1936. Excellent condition, sliding sidescreens, luggage rack. Many extras.Reason for sale, no room for baby. Morgan, The (colt, (“cock, Truro, Cornwall. (7.524 193o FRAZER NASH INTERCEPTOR. Tuned and balanced 4 RI) 13rooklands Meadows engine in excellent ebndition. Good tyres, two new. Goosl battery. New tonneau cover. Brakes relined. }lack axle and countershaft sprocket bushes require attention. Send sate, for further details. Price /,too. Definitely no offers below this. Seen

South Middlesex. Box No. U.248. (5248 M.G. TI) Mk. II, Reg. No. (‘Al/i. New factory replacement engine, new hood, brake and clutch linings. 11; in. S.U. carbs. Useful extras. 4365. Tel. t W;Illord 293t7. (5249 M.G.-A SPORTS, 1956. Red, replacement engine. ” X “s, wire wheels, heater, fonneatt, luggage rack. .4490 o.n.o. or exchange. Pugh, 163, “I he CausewAy, Petersfield, Hants. Tel.: Petersffeld 1268. (52.50 MORRIS COWLEY SALOON, March. t930. Two Owners, exceptional mechanical condition; original coach finish, bulb and elec, horns, regulation stop and tail lights, trafficatdrs, instruction book, ls1.0.T. test -certificate. E75. Abbots,

Chelsea Road, Sudbury, Suffolk. 15251 1932 AUSTIN SEVEN. Rebuilt. Re-registered r96o. New chassis, tyres, battery. headlights, 13Owdenex brakes; reconditioned engine, rewired, 2-brush dynamo, regulator. 450 o.n.o. Snip.

73, The Kent, Hillmorton, Rugby. 15252 LAGONDA L.G.6, 2940. superb Sunshine Saloon. Recent complete overhaul. All new tyres. New battery, etc. Best offer over 4250 secures. Kelsey. Tel. : T f odmorden 338. (5253 ASTON MARTIN INTERNATIONAL, 1931. Fist:client all round condition. 4225 o.n.o. Leadbeater, 232, Bradford Road, Stunningly, Pudsey,

Yorks. Tel. : Pudsey 2253. 15254 VW 36-11.p. JUDSON supercharger kit Perfect.

425. ‘rel. SH1 (Birmingham) 1732. 15255 MINOR SERIES II engine/gearbox unit. Pinewood, Nore Road, PortiShead, Somerset. Tel.

head 2360. (5263 1932 PEUGEOT ao3 (reg. Nov., ’56). R.14.1), Recon. engine, relined brakes, good condition.

t 50 0.11.0. : SU nbUry -on-Thames 5320. (5264 SHORROCK SUPERCHARGER with fittings for arty 948 B.M.C. Has completed th000 Sprite miles, £37 tos. 1959 Sprite. One OWtler, 26,000 fast miles. Fitted no extras. Excellent condition. 4450. John Owen, z, Nithsilale Avenue, Market flarbor.iugh. Leics. Tel. : 2969. 15265 1936 MORGAN S.S. Matchless 99o. c.c., M.ti 4 we. Concours condition. E125 ()m.o. Watford, 99, Birmingham Road, Allesley, Coventry Tel. : Alleslev 321. [5266 M.G. TC. Excellent condition, resprayed red, retrinimed; itt-in, rear wheels. 419o. Gurney, Wallington Road. Benson, Oxford. : Benson 7.62, 152157 RILEY KESTREL, 1936, 144 engine in 1935 15/6 body. M.O.T. 445. Willowtreee, Nursery Lane, Fairwarp, Uckfield, Sussex. (Near Mansfield.)

Tel.: Nutley 127. (5412 328 B.M.W., 5935. R.H.O. Excellent condition. ,C275. Another 328, engine dismantled, 4,1m Exchange XI< tzo, Healey, '1'R2 or W.H.Y. ? Walker, 79, Crofton Lane, Hill Head, Nr. Fare ham, Hants, 15413 1927 ROVER 16;50 coupe. Rare carriage in excel

lent condition mechanically and bodily. £200. Also scrupulously maintained Sunbeam-Talbot QO Mk. II, in far above average condition. L300. Wanted : 2.6 Lagonda. Potter, 14, The Keep. Blackheath, S.E.3. (5414 M.G. To x953. Factory recon.. engine 5,000 miles ago. New clutch. brakes overhauled. Hood, bodywork, shoes, etc., in fine condition. 4325. Walker, 89, Warren Drive, Elm Park, Horn church. Tel.: Hornchurch 50335. (5415

BNz AUSTIN-HEALEY, 1956. Green. In perfect condition. Maintained by professional engineer owner for last four years. Regretful sale, £500, or exchange 90. coo or to5S. Tel.: Stevenage 1481. 15416 TR3, JULY 195,7. Blue, fawn hard-top and hood. Discs, new X,” usual extras.. 25,000 miles. Superb condition. £595. 24, Ypres Road, Allestrec, Derby. (5417 1925 BULLNOSE MORRIS Oxford doctor’s coupe. Immaculate. Offers. feedsell, Nash Court Annexe,

Boughtoo, Faverehain. (5418 TC M.G. Black. New hood, tyres, ‘screens, tonneau. Regret must sell, owner going overseas. L2./5. Tel:: Enfield 8407. 15419 M.G. PB. Good condition. Taxed year. 16-in. rear wheels. M.O.’I’. cert. £55. Fletcher, 4, Butt

Field View, St. Albans. Herts. (5420 xe2 TUBULAR SPECIAL, 196o. IFS., rack pin. Coil-springs. hydraulics, 15-in. ” X “s. Pretty alum, enveloping body,’ Sprite blue. Scope for tuning. Weather equipped. 4150. 34, Mottram Road, Stalybridge, Cheshire.( 5421 DAIMLER FIFTEEN saloon, 1938. Runs well and is very comfortable. History known. 05, 64, Dan y coed Road, Cytt coed, Cardiff’. •Fel.: 53562. 15422 WOLSELEY 25-h.p. coupe, 1939. Proud owner regretfully selling magnificent car. New tyres (RS5s), heater, radio; recent top overhaul; Pions. In nice condition throughout, fast and reliable. L75 0.0.0. 25, Alma Street, Oxford Road, Reading, or BremleY (Surrey) 2280 (weekends). (5423

JAGUAR Xlix2o, August 1953 suede green, f.h.c. Genuine 46,000 miles. Fully modified engine,

22 m.p.g., fantaetic performance. Stork forces sale (blast him!), £395. Shaw, Charlton Down HO0SC, Hatherden, Andover. Tel.: Hatherden 258. 15424

ALVIS TA14, Nov. 1947, saloon. Good condition. £125. Tel.: Frith 35998. 15425 M.G. TD, 1952. Red. Excellent condition. ” X “a, reversing and spot lights. £275 o.n.o. 19, Craw ford Road, Hatfield, Herts. [5426 2936 BENTLEY 4I-LITRE with Vanden Has pillarless saloon body.good condition and mechanically sound. 175. Tel.: GLA 48o6 (after 6 p.m.). (5427

M.G.-A, 1957. Midnight blue. ” X ” tyres, heater.

Motorola, sliding ‘screens, washers, twin spotlamps, new batteries. Immaculate condition. 4520 o.n.o. Wadlow, ” Horsebridge House.” Steyning, Sussex. Tel.; 3374. 15428

1549 CHRYSLER saloon. Excellent condition: 20 mpg. £150, or exchange. Carrington, 9. Sunningdale load. Hessle, E. Yorks. 15429 R.-R., 1939, GGP 16. Park Ward small limousine, no division. Body require’s respray. Rebored three years ago. Li5o, ollers. Tel.: Shoreham-by Sea 3311. (5430 ALVIS SPEED 20, 1934, 2/4-stater (the shapeliest. open Alvis). Small mileage. Engineer owned. Good specimen. f, Too. 88, Miller Road, Bedford. 15431 1954 SINGER 4AD roadster: immaculate con dition, new p.c.:. hood. Ledo. 42, Pensforcl Road. Northfield, Birmingham. (5432 BARGAIN FOR ENTHUSIAST. Morgan F Super, 1950, black, red upholstery. Good condition. i50. 196, Nevendon Road, Wicklbrd, Essex. (5433 DELLOW MK. H. Excellent condition, mechank.-ally reconditioned; economical. L265 0.11.0. Tel.:

Tipton 3029. (543.2 AUSTIN CHUMMY, 1929. Twin 5.11, hydraulic brakes, good hood. Masses of spares. 475 the lot. Meredith, ‘Feb.: Leicester 872738. 15435 193x BLACK 24 RILEY saloon. Radio, heater. Very clean and mechanically sound. 4165. Sims. Russell Cottage, Littleton Panel, DeVizes, Tel. I avington 2177.(5436 1924 ,RENAULT 8-h.p. tourer. Mint original condition. to-year test. £t95 o.n.o. Cameron, Eileandonan, Inshes, Inverness. 15437 ALVIS 1936, sports saloon, excellent

throughout. Must sell this month, 1,1 to o.n.o.

2. Talbot Road, Wembley. Tel.: 2556. (5438 CONSUL MK. I. Recon. engine, new clutch,ateering and front suspension. M.O.T. lust resprayed. L130 hills. Radio, heater fitted. Excellent throughout. Private 11.P. arranged. No dealers. 4215. Tel,: Kingston-on-Thames 1496. [5439 SPECIAL SPORTS/RACING car, almost com

plete, comprising of A.C. Ace chassis, diSca all round, M.G.-A 1500 engine with lightened flywheel, high-lift camshaft, he. head, twin carbs., rack-andpinion steering, 15,5 tyres. All components new and unused. 1-rice 1,675 o.n.o. Finances-tore sale. Box No. 12.440. [5440

M.G. TC. Excellent condition. Faultless mechanically. New engine, clutch. Nearest. £225 Secures. HaBatt, Tel.: CHI 3768 (evenings). 15441 VINTAGE CLEARANCE. Pair P.ioOs 1,4. Pair Bosch, 5. V-windscreen. £4. 700 x 18 tyres, little used, 35s. Various instruments. BOx No. U.•42 [5442

VOLKSWAGEN D/L., 5955. Extras. Good condition, tyres, 1,3,15. 22, Summerdale, 15443 AUSTIN .SEVEN saloon, 193 Maroon. Immaculate original. M.O.T. £45 0.0.0. Flint, ” Lyalla,” Dunchideock, Devon, M.G. VA, 5939, I I-litre sports saloon; excellent condition. 4125 o.n.o. Lomax, 775,. Woodbridge Road, Ipswich, Sul101k. [5445 M.G.-A FIXED-HEAD coupe, 1957/8. Red with

black leather interior. Whole car in Unmarked condition. 30,000 miles, New ” X” tyres, twin. spots, heater, amp. meter, windscreen washers, etc. Photo on request. A.A. inspection invited. 1:475,t Davie, Raretree Cottage, 131ackinore, Essex. 15440. AVON STANDARD SPECIAL, 1931, iOh.p. Spares. Woodlin, 62, Church Street,. Tewkesbury

2. 15447 376. M.G. TD, ’50. B.R.G.Heater, radio; extras. Reconditioned engine. 4:270. Tel.: Erich 36845 fevenings). [5448 WE HAVE BEEN instructed to sell for a client, a very early Morris Commercial with a shootingwagon body. £25. Cecil Sutton Si Son, Estate Offices, Brockenhurst, Hants. [5449 DELAGE, 1927, D.I.S.S. V.D.P. sports tourer. Mechanically perfect. Body very fair. One owner t5 years; in daily use. M.O.T. i963. .4.roo o.n.o. Acraman, to, ChssOld Own, Lc:m(10n, N.4. Tel.: SPA [5430 ASTON MARTIN DB214, 1954, B.R.G. One family owned from new. Fitted new Vantage engine, shockers, Allin drums, 8,0,00 ago. Total mileage s3,000. Company car forces regretful sale, no room for both. Best offer; 11.P, could be arranged. J. Cottam, The Third House, NeWbridge Drive, Wolverhampton. Tel.: 51255. 15451 JAGUAR S.S. 2§, 1948, d.h.c. Almost completely rebuilt by previous owner within the last couple of years. Fast, furious and faultless. For sale in the very near future, sensible offers please for this magnificent car to Box No. 13.453. 15453 M.G.-A, 1956. Ivory. 31;noo miles. ,C$0 extras, four new X “s. Nursed like a child. .C,466, consider 4-seater in exchange. 18, Pembroke Street, Sheffield, ii. 15452 RILEYNINE LYNX, 1933. Bodywork good, new hood. MDT. tested. £75. Register member. Baker, Cambrian House Hotel, St. John’s Road, Newport, Mon. 15454 M.G. TC. Reconditioned engine stage i, IT camshaft, dual exhaust, tele.-shock-absorhers. New : battery, dynamo, Vynide hood and Sidesereens, ninneati, respray. I4rack, wlwashers, spot. seated beams. 4145 o.n.o. P. J. Skelton, 139, CoutitY

Road, Swnidon. Wilts. 15455 STYLE & COMFORT this summer. 1054 Jaguar XI:120 convertible (open to shut in so Seconds). Good throughout, unblemished body, Cotswold blue, grey hood. New clutch, extras, £365 o.n.o. Waller, 39, Arbutus Drive, Bristol, 9. Tel.: 682289. (5

ROLLS-ROYCE 20;z5, , Barker sedanca, black, box boot. Mileage i t.,000. Mascot, handbook, tools. New tyres, battery, two-speed Windscreen wipers. Excellent condition. .C425. Box No. 1.3•457. ONE PETITE WIFE and three growing children dren will no longer tit my immaculate duo-blue 1955 TR2. Wift.Won’t go, so TRz must. Extras include overdrive all gears, hard-top, soft-top, tonneau, four new ” X “s., radio; heater, twin spots, sfwashers, etc. To be Sacrificed at k375 (terms p.ossible). flown, 13, Worbeck Road,, ‘I el.: SPRingpark

toto BECkenham 7646 evenings). 15458 1938 MORGAN THREE-WHEELER, 1,000-e.c. Matchless engine, its all round good and clean cOndition. M.O.T. Well shod. 435 o.n.o. G. M. Maclean, Kingston liagpuise, ‘Abingdon,13erks. Tel.: Longworth 385. • 15459 XKzzo, 5955, white roadster; new red hood. Heater, radio. Excellent condition. £150 0,mo. or exchange plus “Atlantic” drophead for good drophead XK. Sharpe, X, South Road, Baldock, Herts. 15460 EMERYSON SPECIAL, unused, tubular chassis, independent front and rear, Dunlop racings, rackand-pinion steering. /215o. Full derails, Rtihinsem 44, Sharpe House, Wandsworth Road, London,

S.W.X. 15461 ACECA A.C., 5956. Cherry red with grey leather. Excellent appearance, good mechanical condition. £625. Tel.: Luton 370. [5462 BENTLEY, 1931. 4-LITRE open tourer. Magnificent order. All canvas new. Resprayed. Bills A,200 past year. .C300. Box No. 12.463, [5463 DELLOW, 195z. Excellent condition, M.O.T. certificate. Modified: engine, full weather equipment. kao.o. Taylor, 5, Wellesley Road, Ilford, Essex. Tel.: WiLentine oi 4o. 15464

TR2. Completely rebuilt, wiwheels.

heater. 1,375. 120, Anderton-Park Road, Moseley, Birmingham. VAUXHALL TEN. Unusual soft-top. coupe, 1939. Recent decoke. new valves, carburetter, pump. 435. Dore, 59. Purley Park Road, Purley, Surrey, lel. : Uplands 5985: VINTAGE CAR. Delage 14-h.p. coupd, di1e5kf8 y, z 923. Complete but rough. Original instruction book. Spares. All the makings of a tine quality vintage car. Rare model. L80. Purchase,

” Melody,” Blagdon Hill, Taunton. Tel. : Blitgdon Hill 430. i59 20i25, 1935, /vtulliner Sedanca Rolls, silver arid black. 13..-15,. servicing bills tocovet engine and starter motor stripping, new big-end, replaced flywheel, four new Fero& discs. Clutch relined, new radiator and matrix, all .within past four years. Body stripped and repainted 1961. Heater; radio, new tyres. three suitcase detachable trunk-: taxed: licensed. Agreed insurance value .C800. 113I2o

m.p.g. Accept 4725 o.n.o. I late. Howlish, Ambleside. Road, Lightwater, Surrey. TYPHOON E93A, with aluminium head, twin S.U.s, etc. Hard-top; good road-holding.,C15240864.

177. Great T m attenhants, Epso Downs, • Surrey. ‘tel. : Burgh Heath 5798. ALL. 193o ROLLS Ghost spares for sale, including complete engines, rear axles, gearboxes, starters,

dynamos, etc. Also as above for ‘albui 1934 I8-h.p. and some for about 1930 Talbot 105. Ellis. l’empleinills House, Celbridge, CO. Kildare. Ireland. Tel. : C.elbridge 297. [5485

SUSSEX LAWYER. Flaying devoted much money and attention to his 928-38 Rolls P.1 limousine, will sell to knowledgeable enthusiast for k160, Integral shutters, re-cored,excellent tyres, glass’ eleetrics and chassis p,(enerally; rear brakes relined, exhaust rebuilt. Serviced recently by R.-R. experts. Taxed to July. Insured. Passed M.O.T. test March. Used regularly. Most reliable, and suitable for picnics, etc. History known. Photos and fullest information to genuine enquirer. Box No, 12.486.

5948 MORGAN 4/4. Sparkling blue 4ea1 Brilliant Performance/condition. ,C10. juss1:4:81e. it! R. ‘Tomlinson. Tel. : Ewell 6312. (5 M.O. TA, 1937. Immaculate condition, many 7 extras. Offers. 153, rook Road, Coventry. 15488 DUSKY QUEEN DE LUXE speedboat, 50-h.p. Evinrude outboard, electric starting, remote control, skis, ski lines, cover, trailer, radio, twin fuel tanks; in perfect condition, lovely craft, black and ivory fibreglass; red upholstery. £500 0.00. Robint5C4(3); al

Northchapel, Sussex. Tel. : Non:hal 360 (office hours). AVON STANDARD, 1931, open 2-seater. M.O.T., v.g.c., ERG., hood, tonneau, enthusiast’s car. 4a00 o.n.o. Peters, 58, Gresham Road, Staines, Middlesex. Tel. : Staines 52590 (evenings). [5268 SPRITE, OCTOBER, :96o. Immaculate. All extras, including hard-top, new X “s. No competitions, unmodified. Cost 4725. Accept nearest £475. ” Chocolate Box,” Union Street, kyde,

I-o-W. [5269 LAGONDA, 1932, g-LITRE Special tourer. Original condition. Previous owner 1932-1958. 4265, Holmes, Beechwood Lane, Culcheth, Warrington. Tel. : Culcheth 2380. [5270 JOWETT JUPITER, 2952. Exceptional specimen of exceptional sports car. Only two owners. Genuine 36,00o miles. Engine reconditioned 8,00o miles ago. Bodywork perfect. Ideal car for bachelor enthusiast fond of creature comforts. Lagonda stable-mate at present, but stork forces reluctant sale. 4,aoo o.n.o. Machanhill House, Larkhall, Lanarkshire. [s271 1960 M.G.-A twin-cam fixed-head. Recently been at works. Has every possible extra including oil cooler, wireless, safety belts, alloy steering wheel, radiator blind, etc. Engine also modified and capable of iio m.p.h. This low mileage car must be seen to be appreciated. 4760 o.v.n.o. Genuine reason for sale. Box No. U.272. (5272 SCOURGE of the ” Z” cars. Reluctantly offered by well known drunkard. T.V.R. Mk. II, July ’61. ERG., M.G.-A P500 engine, c/r. gearbox„ w/r. wheel, heater, fan, etc. View by appointment, West Lancashire. Box No. U.273. (5273 £795. AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000. One careful owner. 12,500, run 9 months: 4-seater, overdrive. Cost £1,325. Seen near London. Box No. U.274. [5274 LAGONDA a-LITRE, 1929, Weymann fahric bodied 2-door 4-seater saloon. Excellent condition. M.O.T. tested. New tyres. 4 t3o. P. Severn, 12, Linkswood Road, Burnham, Bucks. Tel. : 1959 A. Full Speedwell mods. (engine and( sus 629. 5275

pension). Fast, economical. Reliable. Heater, w/washers. rad, blind, etc. 4325 o.n.o., or exchange for a Turner. Full details: Nixon, 1 he Glen. I3uckwyns, Billericay, Essex. ‘I cl. Ingatestone 2513. 5276 1949 RILEY 24. Maroon, “X “s, S.U.s, new hood. Nearest 4125. Gunning, 46, Fairfield Gardens, Port slade, Sussex. (5277 1930 M-TYPE M.G. New tyres, battery, etc. M.O.T. Offers. Write: Mumford, 34, Bycullah Road, Enfield Middlesex. (5278 M.G. C-TYPE Montlhery Midget, 1931. Excellent condition. Ex-works. Hydraulics, very rare car. 4,.170. Burgess, 95, The Ridgeway, Waddon, Croydon. : CRO 5754. (5279 B.M.W. 502 2.6 V8, rw5o, saloon. Immaculate Concours condition. K. & H. Cost 43,000, Swap 2-seater. Tel. : Byfleet 45595. [5280 x937 MODEL RILEY ” FALCON ” 14 saloon. Mechanically good, bodily fair. Belt-driven dynamo, cable rack wipers, spot, fog, heater, radio, etc. M.O.T., many spares. 485. Fel.: PROspect (London) 5002. (528T RILEY 2), *5r. Recent overhaul includes respray and recon. gearbox. Extras include radio and heater. Outstanding condition. 4245. Tel. : Chiswick 3862. (5282 ROLLS-ROYCE 20/25, 193x. Brake body complete overhaul 100 front to rear, nothing omitted. Includes engine, gearbox, rear axle, radiator, exhaust system, brakes, steering, rewired, transmission, springs, etc. Unique car, all bills. M.O.T. 4230 or offer. Harris, Glenlyon, Freshfield Road,

Formby, Lancs. Tel. : Formby 3392. (5283 LEA-FRANCIS 12/40 Muter, 1928. Immaculate, low mileage, vintage. 4175. Consider part exchange. 15, Granville Drive, Little Sutton. Wirral, Cheshire. Tel. : Hooton 3506. (5284 LEA-FRANCIS 14-h.p. saloon, 1946. Body and mech. sound. Good tyres and battery. M.O.T. 485. Manchester. Tel. : CHOrlton 1840. (5286 TWO INVICTA 3-litre T.O.C. 6-cyl. Black Prince Meadows engines, one assembled with E.N.V. ito gearbox. Best offer to: 22, Bedford Street, Belfast. (5285 WIFE ON STRIKE, so must sell superb r935 I agonda 2-litre I./C Speed Model. Machinery excellent, bodywork immaculate—refabriced resprayed, new hood, tonneau, etc. Over 4430 spent in last three years : must sell, with a sad heart, at £.250 (or exchange Morgan Plus-Four 4-seater tourer). Paul, Greenbank House, Albert Square, Bowdon, Cheshire. Tel. : Altrincham 4445. (5287 WEBERS. Pair twin-choke 38DCOE1 . New. E14 each. Clayton, 6t, Homefield, Waltham Abbey, Essex. [5288 MOST GRACEFUL thoroughbred sports saloon ever built. 1937 Riley Kestrel Sprite. Twin 3.1.7.s, high compression head, oversize valves, Scintilla magneto. Good condition, aluminium bodywork practically unmarked Ideal for Concours re-build. 1,15o. Cook, I5, Finland Road, London, 8.E.4. Office : Tel. : FLA 0061. ($289 RILEY a4′ :947. Excellent interior. Roof, body Rood. Recent test. No oil. Reason firm’s Mini. (440. 30/305, High Street, Halstead, Essex ( el. : 2491). (5290

ROLLS-ROYCE 20125 sports saloon, 1939, coach. Rebuilt engine fitted leas ro,o00. New brakes, clutch, servo, Excellent chassis, solid coach. £350. Tel. : St. Ives (Hunts) 3402. [5291 1913 M.G. TD2. Immaculate. metallic green. J. P. IliII, 159, Hermon Hill, London, E.t8. : Crescent 6127 (business); Wanstead 7104 (home). (5292 MORRIS EIGHT TOURER. Absolutely unique, 4-seater, 1951 registration; 13,500 miles. A.1.0.T. tested. £65 o.n.o. Pull description trom Batten, 12, Pine Grove, Bushey, Herts. [5293 UNIQUE a-LITRE ALFA ROMEO Super Sprint. Special body by Ghia of which only sixteen were ever made, beautifully proportioned car in aluminium with Borrani alloy wheels, metallic green with unmarked cream interior. First registered in 7956. One previous famous owner. Genuine mileage 420400. Five forward gears, 120 m.p.h. Spares available. This cur would have cost 1,4,000 new. Now offered at 45,100. Peter Schofield, ” FoxhiIL” Mottram Road, Stalybridge, Cheshire. Tel. : Oldham MAIn 6236 (office hours); sTA 2017 (even

ings). [5294 M.G. re. Good condition, Red. Wireless, indicators, screen-washers, spot, fog. M.O.T. Coo.

Box No. U.302. [5302 AUSTIN ASHLEY G.T., registered 1959. teles., hydraulics, is-in. N.S. wheels. Recoil. tuned engine. Full weather equipment. Spare Ford Eight engine and c.r. gearbox. C. Willsteed, 63 Beverley Crescent, Bedford. [5303 ./kLLARD, 1950, 4-seater convertible. Well main

tained, new engine 1957, little used since. New tyres, mirrors, winkers, heater, screen-washers. Absolute saloon comfort when closed; wind-up windows in chrome channels; front end rechromed; new /amps all round, including 9-in. fog. Red leather and mahogany interior, ERG, body. Change of residence with smaller garage compels disposal. LI to, insurance paid. or 495 uninsured. Delivered reasonable di