15,000 watch the first public Cinturato test day!



In January and February of this year Pirelli distributed an elaborate, 26-question questionnaire — through motoring magazines and motoring clubs. It asked Cinturato users to describe — in detail — their experience of the tyre. And it outlined a special test day to be held at Brands Hatch. The response was remarkable. Four thousand people filled in the questionnaire — and we were swamped with demands for tickets for the test day. So we took Brands for 4 days. And enlarged the whole scale of our programme.

Taking the tyre to the limit: From the four thousand we chose twelve who we thought typical of all Cinturato enthusiasts and asked them to undertake a concentrated programme of driving tests. All accepted. At Brand’s they were given the chance to take the Cinturato to the limit, and then to compare it, on the same make of car, with conventional tyres. They also met, and were driven by, some of the top names in high-performance motoring.

Famous names in a 5 hour programme: The whole test programme came to a climax on Saturday March 27th. when 15,000 spectators enjoyed a 5-hour display. They saw the typical Cinturato ‘consumers’ in action, and were given demonstrations of driving skill by the British School of Motoring, by Pirelli test drivers — and by David Seigle-Morris, Ken Rudd, John Sprinzel, Peter Jopp, Patsy Burt, Anita Taylor, Jimmy Stewart, Jem Marsh, Bill Bengry, Mike Salmon, driving some of the world’s most fabulous cars.

The evidence of their own eyes: It was a unique demonstration — but we think exactly right for the Cinturato. For the Cinturato is an enthusiast’s tyre. The tyre for people who think about their motoring; for people who believe the evidence of their own eyes sooner than advertising claims; for people who like to hear the opinion of fellow-enthusiasts.

Turn over the page and read the reactions of the 12 typical Cinturato users — in their own words:

Send for this free test report: Pirelli plan to issue a series of consumer test reports. The first is now ready. It contains an analysis of the questionnaire replies we received. It gives you factual and objective answers to the question: Is it worth my changing to Cinturatos? Write for your copy to Pirelli Performance Bureau 343 Euston Road London NW1