More about the Zephyr Light Car


I hope that my following information may be of some help to clear up a few doubts about the Zephyr Light Car.

It was in 1911 that Messrs. E. G. Davisom, J. M. James and E. Talbot set up the Zephyr company at a former skating rink in Freemantle Road, Lowestoft. The name Zephyr covered all parts manufactured at the works and it was owned by Mr. Talbot who had registered it originally for a piston he invented and patented.

After the war the car went on view at the Motor Show and was years ahead of its time; for one thing the springing was arranged to compensate for varying loads.

With parts for 400 cars, and the Motor Show success, the outlook should have been good, but the company lacked the financial resources to get over the hump in the following trade depression. The company was liquidated in 1920. Apart from test models, only five were completed.

Mr. Talbot went on making his pistons at Lowestoft until the early 'thirties.

Lowestoft. J. Goldsmith