Brook's super sparker

Mr. Buxton's letter in Vintage Postbag recalls a gadget which had a certain vogue in the early days when I was getting my first taste of Edwardian motoring.

The device was usually known as the "spark gap" and was based on the theory that a gap in the H.T. leads from distributor to sparking plug would intensify the spark at the plug.

Mr. Buxton's specimen, as he has deduced, would be made for a four cylinder engine, and was probably meant to be fitted on the dashboard, where it could be seen and easily adjusted by the driver. The sparking gap was sometimes fitted under the bonnet, which would save a few feet of H.T. cable, but could be a cause of fire if the sparks were not covered.

As to when it was in use, I should say from around 1904 to 1912 or 1913. The Autocar Handbook of 1918 mentions it as being obsolete by that date, and casts doubt on its usefulness.

Angmering-on-Sea. Edward Sawers.

[This has been exploited in recent times as an easy-starting gimmick. – ED.]

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