Things they do

Motor Sport often comments on "things they say", but a recent happening in one of the simpler forms of club racing forces us to comment on "things they do". The event concerned was a race on the Silverstone club circuit for Historic Sports Cars, a race calculated to give the contestants more fun than the spectators, and a race of no significance other than affording people the opportunity to have fun with old cars.

Neil Corner had entered his recently-acquired Birdcage Maserati and was no doubt looking forward to the enjoyment he was going to get from driving it, but at the last moment it was not ready, so rather than miss the race he phoned the Jaguar Driver's Club and substituted his D-type Jaguar in the entry. Now the rule book says that such changes must be made in writing, and after Corner had won the race with the D-type the second man home, Gordon Lee, in a Lister-Jaguar put in an official protest and had Corner's victory ruled out, having known about the change of car long before the race started.

Lee was announced the winner and he claimed the prize of a £100 Continental holiday, which may have influenced his action, but how serious can club racing get? Have a nice holiday Mr. Lee!