Renault Reinastella snags


Re the 4-litre Reinastella described in your March number (page 236). In June of 1938 I was looking for a big-engined car in view of trying my hand at charcoal operation. A fellow who was short of cash came along with a Reinastella 8 which I bought for 4,000 francs. It was mechanically similar to the one described in your article, but the body was a large five-seater two-door landaulette with fixed black leather top. The body was painted a vivid apple green with black wings and boot, the latter, being huge, could well be replaced by a "gazogène". There was a tri-tone whistle on the exhaust which gave out tremendous blasts when accelerating. The latter item clinched the market.

The car was in fairly good condition and so were the tyres. I had some fun with it for a few days, but soon found out it was quite dangerous as the roadholding was abominable and the servo brake so fierce it could lock the wheels at any speed on the slightest touch of the pedal.

After a few days I went off for a holiday with family and the day I came home another fellow came along who wanted the car so badly that he offered 5,000 francs cash for it, so I let it go, whistle and all. Never did such a brilliant piece of motor business in my whole (long) life!

I am sorry to say the new owner crashed the car so badly against some rocks that it was a complete wreck, with little bodily injury. It was not a car to get excited in.

C. Forrand.