The cars of the Ellermans

In your review of the above I see a query as to the age and model of Sir John Ellerman’s Lanchester. I was testing for Rolls-Royce at Cricklewood, 1920-21, and it was brought in when collecting his Ghost after repair. I presume some persuasion was used on Mr. Bellringer to get some repairs done on it as it is about the only non-Rolls I remember working on. It was allocated to me to test, and is the only occasion I ever had to drive one. I believe it was a 1913 38 h.p.

It was about this time that we saw our first prototype 20 Rolls. We were most impressed and referred to it as “The Yank”. Driving practically nothing but Ghosts every day I suppose we were a bit prejudiced.

Len Duchesne.