Miniatures News, May 1974

The Meccano Magazine for the first quarter of this year, Vol. 59, No. 1, contained an informative article by B. N. Love on the old Meccano motor-car outfits. Mikansue of Windsor point out that the correct price of the Austin Healey Sprite kit sponsored and distributed by them costs £2.95 including UK postage, not £4 as stated in the March issue. Their next kit is to be of the 1935 Singer Le Mans, at the same price. They further point out that the John Day Mercedes-Benz 300SLR miniature has the correct racing number, 722, and not the “72” shown in an advertiser’s photograph in the March Issue. Which reminds me that the Auto-Replica Allard Le Mans model is of the Cadillac-engined car, as this Allard did not have a Chevrolet engine, as the hand-out stated.