Not a Miller?


The so-called Miller single-seat racing car described on page 256 of the March 1976 issue of Motor Sport resembles no product of Harry A. Miller of whiclf I am aware, certainly no 1 1/2-litre car.

There were any number of dirt track single-seat specials built in the early ‘thirties using comparatively inexpensive Miller four-cylinder engines converted or derived from the 151 cubic inch marine engine, but the styling of the car shown is not all typical of such cars. More importantly, the two-branch exhaust pipe on the left side of the car would not lend itself conveniently to any Miller engine ever built.

Until further details or more revealing photos arc forthcoming, I’m forced to dismiss these cars as those of some other Miller.

Santa Monica MARK L. DEES

[So what now, Miller experts?—Ed.]