Regular Use of the Older Cars


I was most interested to read the letter from Mr. Pelton regarding the regular use of pre-war cars. I too am concerned over the lack of use of these cars, for I know of many which travel only a few hundred miles each year, and just listening to the abysmal gear changes heard at VSCC meetings (especially amongst the spectating cars) shows that their drivers are lacking in the one certain ingredient in a silent change, practice. I do not own a modern car, but prefer to drive a 20/25 Rolls-Royce saloon, 3 1/2 Bentley DHC and two Austin 7s. I wonder how many of your other readers drive nothing but pre-war cars?

Depreciation of modern cars and appreciation of older ones apart, I am convinced that an Austin 7 is cheaper to run than any modem car, and most parts can be easily obtained. Regular use ensures that even my 1928 Austin 7 is more reliable than most 1976 vehicles.

MoT testing has recently become a problem—not through the cars being in poor condition, but through the sheer ignorance of the inspectors, who frequently require the most tactful handling. I once watched a mechanic solemnly examining the "brake pipes" on my 20/25, until I pointed out that the brakes were cable-operated and that he was looking at the centralised lubrication system!

Balmy R. J. de LITTLE