Mystery Car


The mystery car pictured on page 408 of the April issue is a Rover P8 prototype. This car was the planned replacement for the P5 3.5-litre model, but was dropped before going into production. It was the subject of a recent feature in one of Motor Sport’s weekly contemporaries. I am glad to see at least one P8 appearing to survive in the original form, as P8 prototypes have apparently been used to test features of the new Rover model due this summer.

While on the subject of Rovers, it may be recalled that last year there was some correspondence in Motor Sport suggesting a club for owners of Rover’s P4 range (models 60, 75, 80, 90, 95, 100, 105 and 110). I have now discovered that the Rover Sports Register caters for the P4, as well as all other Rovers, and offers spares, an excellent magazine and regular meetings in various parts of the country. If Rover enthusiasts care to write to me (enclosing an s.a.e.) I will be pleased to put them in touch with a member of the committee with a view to membership.

Sutton Coldfield R. N. BRYANT