Open Car Motoring


I would like to point out what a wonderful service open two-seater sports cars are given by the Constabulary. I have always driven reasonably quick cars. But since I went topless about two years ago, I have been stopped by radar, vascar and today singled out by a "police-type" transit of all things, from among dozens of more mundane cars, some of which were overtaking me; and booked yet again for speeding.

At this point I must say that I am very flattered to be granted so much of our overworked Constabulary's time. Perhaps they have a love for two-seaters and cannot resist stopping for a closer look. Or perhaps the sight of someone actually enjoying motoring even after loaded insurance, expensive petrol and petty restrictions angers them into singleminded action.

Aggrieved and persecuted MG-B Owner (Name and address supplied)

[just as I was wondering whether I wanted an open sports car !—Ed.]