Grand Prix coverage


I just want to comment on your current GP coverage. I had the occasion the other day to look back into my copies from the 50s, in attempting to prove Rob Walker wrong when he wrote (in Road & Track) that he didn't think a GP had been won from as far back as 11th on the grid. When I got back to 1957, the race reports did not even list the grid, let alone all the practice session times. It made me realise how complete your modern reports are, even though the author hasn't changed (well, maybe he's aged a little). The change to colour photographs are quite an improvement, too.

Still an impressive bargain, even at today's prices. Keep it up.

Ontario, Canada DAVE GRAY

PS Incidentally, I found 6 occurrences in the last 18 years where GP winners started 11th or lower:

11thh Gethin '71 Italian & Mass '74 Spanish

12th Clark '62 Belgian & Baghetti - '61 French

13th McLaren '60 Argentina

16th Stewart '73 South African.

and two 10ths:

Reuteman '75 German & Hulme '74 Argentina.

Note Argentina 3 times, others only once.