Short-circuit Spa 24 hours

THE annual Spa-Francorchamps 24-hour saloon car race looks as though it will be the first event held on the new 6.922 km. version of the legendary road racing circuit.

Now that Jacky Ickx has accepted an honorary post on the track management side we can also expect a big push for the Belgian GP to return to the Ardennes circuit in the nineteen-eighties.

How the annual saloon car race will fare on the shorter circuit will be seen on July 19th/22nd. Hopefully it will reduce the accidents that occur in a race full of cars and drivers of such disproportionate abilities, otherwise there can be little justification for the move save that of organisational costs for the long track.

June 17th should mark the last long-circuit Spa-Francorchamps event for cars when the annual sports car event takes place.