Super Salesman!

After selling something like two dozen Aston Martin V8 cars from a sales base in Hampshire, ex-Grand Prix driver Innes Ireland has now moved across to Oxfordshire, where he has joined Maltin Cars of Henley-on-Thames. Here he is concentrating on the sales of Ferrari cars, though the firm also specialise in Porsche and Lamborghini sales and service. After a demonstration run by Ireland customers will either give up motoring or buy a 308 GTB or a Berlinetta Boxer. They might even buy a good used Ferrari Daytona.

More V-E-V Odds and Ends -The current issue of the Bulletin of the Riley Register contains an article by Christopher Cliff in which he produces arguments suggesting that the Gamecock, Lincock, Lynx and Grebe model Rileys were named after aeroplanes. The link with the Lincock was difficult to establish and the author remarks that he “doubts whether even those readers who are aircraft enthusiasts have heard of the Lincock – I hadn’t”. I can only say that remember the Blackburn Lincock of circa 1929. In fact, going to the Air Ministry after the war to consult the Civil Register, as ever in search of aged machines that might still be in existence, I was told that some of the entries were on the secret list and I noticed that those included the Lincock, I think because this private-venture biplane fighter was being considered for use with the RAFVR. I wonder whether any of our readers ever flew one? A 1922 Bleriot Whippet cyclecar is being restored by someone who urgently requires parts, including the front-wheel adjustable ball-bearing, pedals and cranks, to resuscitate a Rudge No. 2 52″ pennyfarthing bicycle he rode until the bearing failed and a “fixer” lost the other parts. With that non-motoring appeal we will close.