The Bugatti car has always been a source of interest to the motoring enthusiast, and more recently the public at large have “discovered” Bugatti, while the book world produces bigger and better Bugatti books for a price that would have bought one of the cars shown on the pages! For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed Bugattis, though I never let my eyes become elliptical, like some owners I know, and though I have driven most models over the past 40 years I have only ever owned one Bugatti and that was a non-runner. Many years ago we coined the phrase “Bugattis are nice cars for your friends to own” and it still holds good today; fortunately I have a great number of friends. 

While sorting through my dusty archives, accumulated since 1932, I dug out a collection of negatives that I took over the years, which have never been printed and decided that this double page spread of Bugatti photographs might please enthusiasts for the Molsheim Magic among our readers, as well as enthusiasts for other makes, such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati, Frazer Nash, Alvis and so on. The quality is not of the highest order as they were taken with a vintge “Box Brownie”, but the content more than makes up for that. — D.S.J.