Will those who tackle the article “A Matter Of Identity” starting on page 562 please read Mr. Dewis for “Mr. Davis” on page 566, first paragraph, line 32. Mr. W. Dewis was the general Manager of Milnes-Daimler-Mercedes Ltd., of Long Acre, London, in 1914 but after the war seems to have shifted his allegiance to Hispano-Suiza. I would also like to say that when I referred to the two French Grands Prix that Mercedes won, i.e. the races of 1908 and 1914, I am well aware that there were also victories for Caracciola at Montilla, in 1935, for Von Brauchitsch at Rheims in 1938, and for Fangio at Rheims in 1954; but by then Mercedes had amalgamated with Benz, and in any case the article is about Edwardian racing. — W.B.