Aston plans

Bovis is to sponsor an Aston Martin Nimrod long distance racing car along with Pace Petroleum during 1983. The car will be racing at Brands Hatch, Silverstone and Le Mans. 

The car is owned by the Rt. Hon. Viscount Downe and will be managed by Richard Williams, whose London-based Aston Martin business ran the car last year. The Nimrod team have had a busy winter developing their already successful, but overweight, Group C car. The car will have new Ray Mallock-designed bodywork and should be lighter by about 200 lbs. Dynamometer testing has confirmed significant increases in torque and the ¼ scale wind-tunnel development of the new shape has given the Aston-powered machine more than double its 1982 downforce — its appearance will be very different from last year. Engine weight is being reduced by R. S. Williams staff and Tickford, whilst chassis development is being carried out at Mallock's Northamptonshire workshops. The new car is due to start testing next month. As in 1982 drivers will be Ray Mallock and Mike Salmon.