No compromise




Last month (March) I note you lost a reader due to Motor Sport’s criticism of Mr Mansell. Your editorial response was “DSJ and I (DJT) both speak as we find”.

I can only applaud Motor Sport’s overall uncompromising position on matters concerning autosport in general. I don’t agree with all your views; however, Motor Sport is probably unique as a specialist journal with its reputation of printing its beliefs versus toeing the line of monied masters and sponsors.

For example, I greatly enjoyed DJT’s comment that “Something is rotten in the state of Max and Bernie”, and GP’s exposé of film crew exploitation in the rally scene with “The whole thing smacks of profiteering”. Articles such as these should redden cheeks and raise prickly questions.

With regard to road tests, one line in the 968 Cabriolet piece, “Lets not beat about the bush”, summarises the style of Motor Sport. Readers everywhere should compare the informed impartiality of Motor Sport against other glossy car magazines with their superficial analysis and barely disguised re-written PR handouts.

I could go on and mention sports coverage, driver analysis etc. However, back to the lost reader. The criticism of one F1 driver, valid or not, is only one iota of Motor Sport’s total contribution to an energetic free press. The lost reader should reconsider.

I for one shall continue as a reader of Motor Sport and to all the journalists and editorial staff, keep rattling the cage!

I look forward to the next issue.

Colin Love,