Beauty beheld



Beauty beheld


Despite the usual furore over what is termed technically ‘legal’ and what is not, 1 think congratulations are in order to John Barnard and Ferrari for producing the ‘prettiest’ Grand Prix car I have seen for 20 years or more. It is a work of art and, with typical Italian flair, shows that design and aesthetic values can be achieved within the confines of wind tunnel ‘sculptuning’. My only other desire would be to see GP manufacturers showing the way forward to developing more environmentally sensitive engines on their cars, ie catalytic converters and energy efficient silencers.

The noise and emission pollution is surely unacceptable within today’s framework, and would have great value if GP racing is to remain at the ‘cutting edge’ of technology. Perhaps even in a moment of wild imagination, one could envisage awards or incentives for best turned out car or a Concours d’Elegance for constructors and

designers, even a ‘rookie of the year award’ for drivers? Despite these suggestions we are all thankful that great progress has been achieved in the safety of Fl. The sad losses of late in NASCAR racing, and the sense of horror one experiences watching the uncontrollable crowds in international rallying events, go to prove that Fl is still a showcase for things other than sheer competition. N Reece, Llanelltud,