Our longest serving reader




Congratulations on MOTOR SPORT celebrating its 75th birthday.

I purchased No 1 in 1924, and as I believe Bill Boddy bought No 2, and then No 1, I am in good company! Then followed Speed which I also bought, and at my elbow is a supplement to it, dated July 1935, containing three drawings by an artist, HJ Moser, which I expect you have on your files.

I kept all the issues for years, together with copies of The Motor Cycle, occasional issues of Motorcycling and The Autocar, which filled a cupboard built in my bedroom intended for my clothes, and odd corners in our home. One day my mother noticed a chap with a horse-drawn cart coming along the road, stopped him, and for two shillings he took all the magazines, even helping to carry them out! The only copy of MOTORSPORT I still possess is that of June 1955, the epic drive of Stirling Moss and Jenks in the Mille Miglia.

I was abroad from 1943-1946, and to the best of my belief, received all the copies of MOTOR SPORT my wife posted to me. I shall be 89 next month and, optimistically, shall look forward to reading many more copies of a favourite magazine.

I am, yours, etc. Dan Nicholas, Ambleside, Cumbria