Club magazines often contain valuable items



Club magazines often contain valuable items of motoring history. Recent examples include the very complete account of the Triumph copy of an Alfa Romeo 8C: the straight-eight Dolomite, by Derry Aust, in the Triumph OC magazine, and in the Riley Register Bulletin a study of Percy Riley’s engine innovations from 1903, leading to the ingenious valve-gear of the Riley Nine and subsequent Rileys.

The Bulletin of the Alvis OC contains a description of rebuilding a front-wheel-drive Alvis, disclosing design features of this rare model, and an article about the 1930s Speed Twenty (AXV 323) used by Maurice Platt, Technical Editor of The Motor, up to where Captain EM Donaldson, DSO, AFC, who in 1946 set the Air Speed Record to 616mph in a Gloster Meteor, had it. Does it still exist?