An Astonishing coincidence

I’d like to say we planned our cover story to tie in with the sale of Aston Martin, but the truth is it just happened that way. However, the news that David Richards is behind the bid should come as a relief to all who care about the marque in general and its racing activities in particular. We should be grateful too that the clear-thinking Dr Ulrich Bez remains at the company’s head. Last time I saw him he was climbing into a DBR9 at Paul Ricard. He may be a businessman in his sixties, but he’s also a racer who, this year as last, will be driving one of his cars in the Nürburgring 24 Hours. I wonder how many other car company bosses can say as much?

Those fearful that the modern racing car on the cover this month signals some great shift in the magazine’s philosophy need not worry. Though we reserve the right occasionally to step into the present when the correct story presents itself, we remain as committed to the history of the sport as ever. 

Finally, this month sees the start of a new series about team-mates, where our heroes get to nominate theirs. As you will see from Tony Brooks’ thoughtful appreciation of Stirling, a racer who was on the track at the same time can offer an insight which not even the best hack armed with the best history books could hope to provide. I hope you enjoy it.