Prost is first driver steward

Alain Prost took on the role of fourth FIA Steward at the Bahrain Grand Prix in the first step of the governing body’s push towards providing more balanced decisions.

An ex-F1 driver will join the three regular stewards at every race this year. Like the others he will have a vote and split decisions will be resolved by the casting vote of the chairman.

Damon Hill has been nominated for the role at Monaco, while other drivers in discussion with the FIA include Nigel Mansell, Johnny Herbert, Jean Alesi, Alex Wurz and Heinz-Harald Frentzen.

“It was very interesting, the whole thing,” Prost told Motor Sport after his debut. “I can’t comment on anything [in the Grand Prix] because nothing happened, it was very quiet!”

Prost (below) wouldn’t be drawn on how having a driver steward on duty might have affected his driving while he was racing.

“I can give you a few examples from myself, and maybe one or two others, but there’s no point. I think everybody realises it’s good and everybody seems very positive about it, and that means something.

“Even if [you’re a steward] only once in two or three years, if you want to help the sport, then it’s good. Now there’s only one thing I’ve never done in F1, and that’s be a cook!”