Having lunch with racing’s great personalities is hardly a chore for Simon Taylor, but he particularly enjoyed catching up with two old friends for a rare dual interview this month. He’s known Chris Craft and Keith Greene for over 40 years and promised us a wealth of entertaining stories. As usual, he didn’t disappoint. We have a second dose of Simon this month, and it’s something different. The story of how the Peak District almost became the home of British road racing is little known, but our man reveals all with the help of his lovely Stovebolt Special.

For editor-in-chief Nigel Roebuck tracking back 30 years to remember Gilles Villeneuve was always going to make for a special issue. His friendship with the Ferrari icon was like no other he had with a racing driver, before or since. In Reflections this month, he recalls that friendship and in our cover story he’s spoken to a select group of Villeneuve’s peers to gain their perspective of the great man.

Former editor Andrew Frankel leads some life. This month, he’s found time to drive the cream of the latest new road cars, drop in on the Geneva Motor Show to take a first look at Bentley’s hideous SUV, and was last seen basting up Goodwood’s hill on press day in a Ferrari 750 Monza. Oh, and he’s also written a great story on a recent ‘Klaus’ encounter (sorry) with a German legend.

Another former editor, Paul Fearnley, has traced a man we think is probably the fastest GP driver to sport a comb-over… 1980s one-lap wonder Teo Fabi. With insight from Pat Symonds and Robin Herd, Paul sheds welcome light on an underrated ace of F1 and Indy.