No harm in starting young

Graeme Hunt turned his passion into a business

Graeme Hunt focuses on selling unusual cars to buyers all over the world from his Kensington dealership. He started Graeme Hunt Ltd in 2001, but this passionate owner and racer of classic cars began in the business back in the 1980s.

“I had a passion for cars as a young man,” he says, “and that sometimes turned into a form of income. Effectively I’ve been dealing in what are now called ‘classic cars’ since the mid ’80s, having started racing before that.”

He made his racing debut at Silverstone in an AC 3000ME and by that time, aged 23, had owned about 14 cars. Graeme’s palpable enthusiasm for his fleet of classics reaches clients all over the world, and it’s the character of those machines that he likes to showcase when he displays them at his 16-car showroom.

“The best thing about this business is that we meet some really brilliant people,” he says. “Lots of our customers have been dealing with me for the last 30 years, but it’s also very nice to meet new people who want to do business because they’ve either heard about us by reputation or through their friends. It’s nice to hear people say they’ve been told to deal with us because we have an honest, trustworthy team that does a very good job.”

Whether you are looking for a rarity, something more familiar, or else simply want to discuss a potential restoration, Graeme will be happy to chat. “We’ve restored Range Rovers, Bentley R-Types and everything in between,” he says.

“I’d like to think that the quality of our cars is exemplary. We look after them as though they are ours to use rather than stock to sell.”