Seven decades of Formula 1 racing. These were the times of our lives

F1 today is unrecognisable from its first World Championship race in 1950, which was covered in this magazine. Since then, we’ve seen great drivers and teams come and go, political battles and mind-boggling technical advances. But for 70 years, F1 has remained the pinnacle of our sport. To mark this anniversary we asked the world’s greatest motor racing writers to celebrate the world’s greatest motor racing championship.


Doug Nye

Our finest historian goes back to where it all began, and the rise of Britain’s unstoppable garagistes

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Nigel Roebuck 

Esteemed F1 commentator on the significance of Clark, Moss, Gurney… and Sergeant Pepper

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Maurice Hamilton

Fleet Street’s finest observer of the sport on the fearsome rise of Bernie Ecclestone towards control of F1

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Paul Fearnley

Our own highly knowledgeable contributor on racing’s ‘superpower decade’

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Simon Arron

F1 reporter and historian reflects on that Imola ’94 weekend and the sad demise of the Lotus team

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Mark Hughes

Motor Sport’s top-line F1 analyst considers politics, power plays and the fallout from ‘Spygate’

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Andrew Benson

The BBC’s chief Formula 1 writer assesses Lewis Hamilton’s mastery of the hybrid era

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