1935 Dieppe Grand Prix: You were there

My uncle was there

No, George Thompson isn’t old enough to have attended the 1935 Dieppe Grand Prix. These pictures are the work of his late uncle Anthony Butlin, who would have been 15 or 16 at the time. A voiturette race preceded the 3hr GP, run on an out-of-town course through St Aubin village

Bugatti during the 1935 Dieppe Grand Prix

A Bugatti exits the St Aubin corner; note the wooden wall to deter spectators

Louis Chiron at the 1935 Dieppe Grand Prix

Chiron was under the weather with flu, but if not for a quick stop to adjust brakes might have won

Bugatti T51 and Maserati 26M at the 1935 Dieppe Grand Prix

Bugatti T51 of Bernard Chaude with Frederick Clifford’s 26M Maserati at the temporary pits before the grand prix

Maserati 8CM at the 1935 Dieppe Grand Prix

The modified Maserati 8CM of Robert Brunet would finish seventh in the GP

ERA during the 1935 Dieppe Grand Prix

An ERA in the preceding voiturette race. Note kerbs, stone markers and deep ditch to trip the unwary

Hans Ruesch at the 1935 Dieppe Grand Prix

Maserati driver Hans Ruesch and companion lean against their pit counter

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