motor cycle or minature car




To discuss the motor cycle for comparing it with the small car, the first important point to be considered is that of passenger accommodation, and when it is realised that the motor cycle combination of about 4 h.p. often carries as many as four passengers with a remarkable degree of comfort and speed, this form of vehicle calls for the serious attention of the motorist of moderate means. Given a machine of good grade, a coach-built, two passenger sidecar, and a comfortable pillion seat on the back of the motor cycle, there is no reason why an outfit of this kind should not prove entirely satisfactory for the family man, whether for long or short journeys. Whatever one may say about the unbalanced appearance of the sidecar combination, or the apparent disadvantages for the riders, this class of vehicle remains unsurpassed for speedy and economical travel ; and though hundreds of attempts have been made to combine the features of the sidecar outfit with those of the small

car, the public is unswerving in its affection for the combination in its original from.

Since the days when sidecar passengers were compelled to sit uncomfortably and unprotected in open wicker baskets, insecurely attached to the side of noisy and dirty motor cycles, passenger accommodation has been improved out of all recognition. The two-seater sidecar of to-day is well sprung, has first-class upholstery, and affords ample protection for its occupants by the provision of wind screens and a satisfactory form of hood. In the best designs there is room for luggage, thus equipping the combination for long-distance touring as well as for short journeys.

One of the most noticeable features of the modern sidecar is the degree of comfort enjoyed by the passengers, which is really extraordinary considering the natural limitations of a three wheeled vehicle, and so the prospective owner need have no apprehensions on this score.

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