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ON Saturday, October 8th, Brooklands presented a very changed aspect to the frequenter of motor cycle meetings. For the second time in history something approaching road-racing conditions was staged on the track, and a very thrilling afternoon’s racing was the result.

The course was reminiscent of the R.A.C. Grand Prix course. The start was in the Finishing Straight opposite the Paddock. The competitors were required to negotiate a left and right bend at the end of the straight, Continue round the Members’ Banking, down the Vickers straight to the Fork, and then up the Finishing straight through a left and right bend opposite the stands, sandbanks being used to form the corners as in the car Grand Prix. All races were over 43 laps, 50 miles approximately.

The weather was perfect, although a slight autumn haze arose towards five o’clock. There were five races and an excellent entry for each, including the names of famous road racers who are strangers on the track. A large but scattered crowd enjoyed what proved to be a spectacular day’s sport.

Class A up to 250 c.c.

The first race provided a field of 19 riders of whom the most favoured were Handley (Rex Acme) Colgan (Cotten), Ashby (O.K. Supreme) and Staniland (Excelsior).

The start was good, Eggleton (O.K. Supreme) being the only slow starter. When the first men passed the stands after the first lap, the order was Femihough (Zenith), Stainland, Archer (New Imperial) and Clark (New Imperial).

In the next lap Stainland led, but it was seen that Handley was coming up rapidly. He led on the third lap, and from then on he lengthened his lead lap by lap. He was riding like a machine, gaining yards on his pursuers at each corner. Ashby was now travelling well, and running through the fold about a lap and a half behind On lap 22 Colgan fell out and Femihough came into second place, which he presently lost to Ashby.

Handley finished easily, with Ashby and Fernihough well behind. RESULTS :

1st, W. L. Handley (248 Rex Acme), 50.38 m.p.h. 2nd, C. T. Ashby (246 O.K. Supreme).

3rd, E. C. Femihough (246 Zenith).

Class B up to 350 c.c.

The second race was eagerly awaited, and proved very fast. C. W. Johnston (Cotton) was a non-starter. This narrowed things down, and the issue seemed to lie between Handley Simpson, Dixon and Hicks.

Handley was the leader at the first corner but Dodson (Sunbeam) and Simpson (A. J.S.) overtook him on the Vickers Straight, and lead him by the stands. Hicks (Velocette) followed on top of them. The pace was terrific, the cornering hectic, and the acceleration lurid. On lap 3 Handley made a mistake at the Fork and crashed, injuring his hand. This left matters between Simpson, Hicks, and Hamilton. Dixon was running about seventh on his H.R.D.

Simpson lapped steadily, cornering in real T.T. style, widening his lead. Dixon was slow, and his brakes squeaked at every application. Hicks was riding well, and cornering fast.

A cloud of smoke from behind the hill proved to be the pyre of R. A. Jones’ H.R.D.

B. L. Hieatt (Cotton) was now seen to be moving up.

On the 18th lap Simpson overtook Dixon, Willis retired and Hieatt moved up one. Baker (Velocette) was hard on the trail of Hicks, and going very fast, but dropped out on lap 38.

Simpson crossed the line within a few yards of lapping Dixon again. RESULTS :

1St, J. H. Simpson (348 A. J.S.), 55.56.

2nd, F. G. Hicks (348 Velocette).

3rd, B. L. Hieatt (348 Cotton).

Class C up to 500 c.c.

The field for this race included such men as Dixon, Bennett, Craig and Woods and promised to be a terrific struggle. Woods and Craig rode camshaft Nortons, and Tommy Spann a camshaft A.J.S.

Bullus (New Hudson) led on lap 1, bunched with Sissons (Ariel), Cobbold (Sunbeam), Bennett, Woods and Craig. The pace was terrific. B-ullus lost the lead about lap 5, owing to his brakes. Braidwood, having ridden fast and steadily retired with gear box trouble. Woods’ cornering was spectacular, and Sissons, especially at the Members tum,was very wild, but fast. Bennett was now leading Cobbold, with Sissons on his astonishingly fast Ariel third, this being the finishing

order. Hicks on the 350 Velocette doing well and finish

ing sixth. RESULTS :

1st, A. Bennett (490 Norton), 57.80 m.p.h.

2nd, G. C. Cobb°ld (493 Sunbeam).

3rd, F. Sissons (497 Ariel).

Class B/S. 350 Sidecars and Class F, 600 Side-. cars.

This race was run concurrently, the 350’s being distinguished by the passengers’ yellow jerseys.

These sidecar races were easily the most spectacular and thrilling of the day. The passengers’ antics being quite in keeping with the best T.T. traditions.

As the field arrived at the stand sandbanks at the end of lap 1, a melee ensued, the leader (Driscoll) charging the bank owing to the passenger failing in his gymnastics. Mathews (Norton) ran into the back of him, and confusion reigned.

Staniland took the lead, followed by Tucker (Norton), then two 350’s—Crowther-Smith (Rex-Acme) and Pellat (O.K. Supreme). On lap 4, Tucker’s passenger in a super-antic fell clean out of his chair, while Tucker, pleased with the

new acceleration, charged ahead. Parker was now going all out, lifting his sidecar higher

every time he passed the stand. Crowther-Smith, meanwhile, charged the fence by

the Fork, giving the lead to Pellat. Parker’s Douglas developed plug trouble, Tucker was

out, giving the race to Staniland. Crowther-Smith, dispensing with his useless brakes, passed Pellat for a while by useing his gear-box, but

stopped again with plug-trouble. Pellat finished two laps ahead ; there were no fin ishers within the time limit in the 600c.c. class except

the winner. RESULTS : 350 c.c. :

1st, L. J. Pellat (O.K. Supreme), 42.94 m.p.h.

2nd, E. S. Prestwhich (346 Coventry Eagle).

3rd, C. V. Crowther-Smith (348 Rex-Acme). 600 c.c. :

1st, C. S. Staniland (588 Norton), 44.97 m.p.h.